Monday, February 1, 2010

Better Morning

This morning I feel a lot better about my weightloss. I had a really bad weekend and I am not now ready to put it all behind me and start new. I don't need to completely shove the weekend under the bed, because I had a trigger to over eat that I need to address.

I pig out when I am tired, stressed, and lonely. I feel that I wouldn't have eaten a whole bag od hugs if my husband had not been around. He worked all day Saturday and then went out all day with a friend yesterday. If he was around I would not have been able to pig out. I was just mad at him for leaving me at home with the kids. So, next time I find myself at home one the weekends without him, I need to workout or go for a walk instead.

On a better note, this morning I worked out to Latin Groove on my On Demand Channel. I liked it, it got my heart pumping, but I probably wont be going back to it. I think I liked the Bollywood video better.

See yah tomorrow!! Weigh in Day!! Yuck!!

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