Monday, February 22, 2010


I am feeling better. I had a crazy day yesterday and I was just really upset. Thanks to everyone for your comments. It really means a lot to me that people out there are rooting for me to succeed.

Today I got in all of my water and tonight we are having pork chops, rice, and brocolli for dinner. Better than the cheeseburgers!! Did I tell you that they were 500 calories each?? That is just crazy!!

Tonight I am doing Week 2 Day 1 of the Cough to 5k program and I am really excited about it. Funny how I am looking forward to running. I guess I am just addicted to the "runner's high."

About Weight Watchers, I have done it in the past and have seen results, but we just can't afford that right now. We are strapped for cash as it is, and with a new baby and formula and diapers...it just can't be done. I have all of the stuff at home and could do it here, but I think I am going to stick with my calorie watching.

Thanks again to everyone who left me comments=)

Confession: I had a diet Dr. Pepper after I had set a goal of only drinking water this week!!

Cheer: I had a healthy lunch and now a healthy dinner. Plus, I didn't eat the popcorn that they gave us at our faculty meeting today!! Boy did it smell good!


  1. I use to be a WW leader when I was in college. If you decide to do it let me know if you need any help or anything! I will be more then glad to help you.... I can even have you tell me what you weigh, and do the whole stars, and % loss if you want! Good luck on your weight loss journey. I know what it's like to not have money so let me know if you need anything! Daaaaang I haven't had a dr. pepper in forever...YUM! Kudos to your for not eating the popcorn!

  2. i miss soda! i have to confess that i had a diet coke today and over the weekend... well, let's just not go there! the chicken chili recipe was fabulous! thanks, and i now have linked the runner blog to my blog, what an amazing and inspirational woman!

  3. If the popcorn is plain, without butter or oil, it's actually quite good for you. After all, it's just cooked corn kernels, and corn is grain.


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