Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Back Together

After a few days lost from weightloss, I am back on track. I weighed in this morning just to see the damage and I have lost .2. So, the damage is not gaining weight, but missing out on losing the most I could.

Today me goal are:

1. Drink all of my H2O

2. Keep snacking minimal

3. Pound in the fruit and veggies

4. Walk for 45 min on the treadmill

Those sound like realistic goals.

Last night I made a Chicken Casserole. Here is the picture of it from the internet. I got it from hearthealthyonline.com.

It was actually pretty good. I had to add a little salt to it. Just a pinch. The hubby liked it too, he added more lemon pepper seasoning.

Before I go, I woul dlike to thank everyone for the encouragement this week. I love reading your comments. It lets me know I am not in this alone. I promise to make you proud!!

Confession: I ate some of my kids Valentine's Day candy on the way home from his party.

Cheer: I did Kickboxing yesterday morning and then I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes last night!

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  1. Glad you are back on track and you still are down .2!? That's great.

    You do kickboxing? That makes you a rockstar in my book.



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