Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feeling Good Today

I have had a pretty good morning so far. I hope that this will last me all day.

Yesterday started off really well, but then lunch came around and we all went to Jack in the Box. I was miserable all day because of it.

On a happier note, I tried out a new workout video on my On Demand channel. It was pretty fun. It was Beginner Cardio. I really did enjoy the workout. I even almost cried at one point because she looks at the screen and says, " I am proud of you." I was like me too!! I am proud of me too!! This is day three of getting up early and working out!!
Anyways, I wil blog tomorrow about a new website I found that counts calories. I got it off another weightloss blogger.
It is so nice to have other bloggers going through the same ups and downs.
Confession: I had JAck in the Box for lunch and Bufallo wings for dinner, but I did count them in my calorie counter.
Cheer: This is day three of working out early!!

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  1. Sometimes all you can do is look at the negative but I like that you have the cheer thing on your blog that's a great Idea! Today is a new day and don't keep on thinking about the past. Congrats on keeping up the workout!


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