Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weigh In

Starting Weight: 189
Last Weeks Weight: 189
This Weeks Weight: 186

Yeah!!! 3 pounds loss!!

So, last night I knew that I was going to have a big loss. I credit this weightloss to counting my calories and working out. Some people feel like it is too much to count calories, but it's so easy when you do it online! I know that this is the only reason why I lost the weight. It made be accountable for what I was eating.

Back to what I was saying...I knew that I had a big loss this week, so I wanted to give myself a mini-reward. At first I thought mmm...chocolate...but then I thought, Wow! A weightloss magazine! So, I got the magazine for me to read today when my kiddos are in the computer lab.

So, some of my blogger friend Red Writing is doing such a great job on her blog. I love reading it! She has made a reward system where there is no food involved, so I thought I would do it too!


10 Pounds loss- Fancy Cowgirl Necklace for Rodeo
20 Pounds loss- Pedicure
30 Pounds loss- Cute "Fancy" Haircut at the "Fancy" Place
40 pounds loss- New outfit
50 Pounds loss- New purse and shoes
60 Pounds loss- A romantic weekend with my hubby where I have to wear a swimsuit

So, I am really excited about my weightloss this week!! Now, I'm looking forward to next week!!


  1. wooooo! 3 pounds you go girl! Congrats!

  2. WOOHOO on your loss! Congrats! I like your reward system too. Keep it up girl!


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