Saturday, February 20, 2010


OMG!!! I am sooo excited to report my news!! And no, I'm not pregnant!! LOL (That's what everyone has been asking me when I say that)

Yesterday morning my hubby and I jumped on the scale just to see (not a true weigh-in) and he was under 200. Yeah for him!! He can't even remember the last time he weighed even close to this. However, for me, I wasn't too excited because nothing had really changed....but then my hubby suggested taking my measurements. Here is the post with my previous measurements.

Yesterday my new measurements were:

Upper Thigh: 24 '' - Loss of 2 inches
Natural Waist: 38 '' - Loss of 4 inches!!!
Pant Waist: 42 '' - Loss of 1 inch
Chest: 42.25 ;; - Loss of 2 inches

Can you believe that??? I am so excited!! How is that for motivation??

I also went out and bought a new pair of running shoes. They are New Balance and were originally $49.99 and I got them on sale for $24.99 because they only had a few sizes left! I was pretty happy about that. I left my camera at work, so I will have to post a picture later. They have really helped my feet out while working out.

I even get to go and upgrade my phone this morning when the hubby and 4 year old get out of bed!! This is going to be a great weekend!!

Confession: We had CiCi's Pizza last night. My favorite!!

Cheer: I got in my 64 ounces of water yesterday. I forgot my lunch yesterday and went to Subway instead of Jack in the Box. I lost 4 inches off of my natural waist!!!


  1. WOW WEEEE!. Congratulations on loss of inches. I am so happy for you.

    BTW. I LOVE CiCi's.

    Keep up the great work. It has definitely paid off so far for you. Congrats to your hubby too.


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