Monday, February 8, 2010

Rise and Shine!

Today I am feeling really great about weightloss. I woke up feeling resfreshed after a great weekend with my family, and I stayed on my diet! I may have had some moments of weekness, but overall I didn't go crazy!

I've decided to make some rewards for reaching my goals. When I lose the first ten pounds, I am going to go out and buy me a necklace for Rodeo. You know, one of those really chunky necklaces that would look tacky anywhere else but the rodeo. I always see the cutesy looking girls at the Rodeo with them on and I always felt I was too fat to wear them. I would look like I'm playing dress up to hide me being over weight.

I got a little upset when I shared my reward system with a family member. I told her that when I lost 30 pounds I wanted to go and get a cute haircut, and she said then me hair is going to be pretty long. Can you believe that! She really doesn't think I am going to do it this time! I've already lost 3 pounds this week so far and tomorrow is weigh in day! Growl.

Anyways, I will post a picture of me wearing my new necklace when I hit the 10 pound loss. Hopefully it will will be sooner than later!

Confession: I had pizza mini bites during the Super Bowl last night. But, they tasted nastier than I remembered. Probablly because I know how bad they are.

Cheer: I woke up this morning and worked out again. I really didn't want to, but I did!


  1. you WILL hit 30 pounds! i just know it! i hit my 10 pounds over the weekend! i am so stoked! getting a hair cut at 30 pound will be a fantastic reward. though, i have my hair short already (i love a-lines). I am not sure what i will reward myself with at the 30 pound point. and good for you keepin' strict on your diet! i am impressed. i need to dedicate myself to working out more as you have!
    keep up the good work!

  2. Great Job! I know some people you just cant believe what comes out of their mouths sometimes! You get that hair cut and show her whats what!


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