Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take your clothes off!!!

Well, now that I have your attention!!! LOL

I will allow you some time to put them back on...unless you want to be dirty and read this in your birthday suit...Oh lala...

Anyways, this month's Womens Health magazine tlaks about a book the editor of the magazine has written called Look Better Naked. It talks about how to sculpt your body so you look better naked (duh) and it also shows you how to love yourself for the good reasons and to focus on those things about your body.

So...looking into my mirror last night I thought about all of my stretch marks around my tummy from birthing 2 kiddos in the last 5 years, my sagging DDD boobs, and huge thighs that touch.

Then I thought about how those stretch marks make me proud that at the age of 21, I pushed out my baby boy and then my second 9 months ago. I am proud ot have them because it reminds me of how strong I was to give birth. My DDD boobs reminded me of the things I used to like the most about my body (they sat a little higher though) and how with a little work they could be again. My thighs are what helped me push my kiddos out and my hubby thinks I look sexy with a fuller figure.

So, I say we all should try to look better naked and appreciate our bodies for what they are. I mean we only get one in our lifetime, so why not take care of it when we can!

Confession: I had a snickers bar today and too many regular sodas. This was after I found 2 of my kids cheating on the major state test today!!

Cheer: I walked around the classroom all day today and then came home and played the Wii with my family for about 2 hours tonight!

Don't forget to register for my 100 pot giveaway here!!! You have until Saturday night!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

100 post giveaway!!

So, this is my 100th post since starting my journey back in February. It really has been a crazy journey so far, and boy do I have a long way left to go!!

For my 100th post I decided to do a 5 Things I am in Love With Right Now! post. What about the giveaway? Just read on and see!!

1. Fiber One Bars-Chocolate and Oats: I LOVE these bars!! They taste like a reguar chewy bar, but even better for you. Why? The fiber! Duh! But be careful!! I can eat the whole box in one sitting and I am farting up a storm all day long!! LOL

2. Fitness Magazine: I have been really into healthy magazines lately. Especially Fitness magazine. It has great stories and great tips on how to stay healthy. The people in the magazines are really nice looking. Not super skinny, but fit. Very motivational. I can read this magazine cover-to-cover and feel like it was worth my money.

3. Acnefree Pimple Patch: I feel like I am 26 going on 12. My acne is out of control!! I don't get a bunch of little ones, I get two or three gigantic pimples right in the middle of my chin and my nose. I actually have two on right now! They work to minimize the redness and heal the pimple. I think they work wonders on my acne!!

4. Betty Crocker- Warm Delights: If you have read my blog long enough, you know I have a HUGE Sweet tooth. I mean HUGE. It is my biggest downfall. What dessert can I have without breaking my calories for the day and not just get something small and not satisfying? The answer is Betty Crocker's Warm Delights. All you need is water and a microwave and you are 45 seconds away to pure bliss. My favorite is Hot Fudge Brownie, but all of the are good. For around 110 calories, I think this dessert is worth every bite!

5. Blue Diamond Almonds: This is a fantastic snack for people who need something on the go. I have a thing of these in my desk at work. You get 24 almonds per serving for 170 calories and that is a lot of nuts. It also has no added oil to it, and the sea salt gives me just enough salt to satisfy this salt lover. It also has 3 grams of dietary fiber. Yumm!!

So, what about the giveaway??

I am going to give one lucky winner all five of these items!! The almonds, the warm delights, the acne patches, the magazine (newest issue), and the fiber one bars.

How do you win? You can have three entries:

1. Post a link to my giveaway on your blog and leave a comment on this blog post that you did.
2. Tell me what is something you would do differently now than back when you first started?
3. If you could tell your old self a piece of advice that you know now what would it be?

Good luck!! You have until Saturday night!!

Confession: I ate chinese food for lunch today.

Cheer: I wanted to get Ben and Jerry's tonight after dinner, but I bought a Warm Delights instead! LOL

Play things and torture machines

Play things: We got a Wii yesterday!!! Well, we got a used Wii, another used Wii controller, and a used version of Wii Sports, but we got a Wii!! LOL I can't wait until next month to get the Wii Fit. It will probably be a used one too, but woohoo!!

Torture machine: I also got an elliptical on Saturday!! And it was free!! My uncle just got married and they couldn't find a place to put it....so I got it!! I haven't been able to use it yet, but I hope ot be by the end of the week. I have to get the treadmill out (I like running outside now) and moved over to my mom-in-laws (the one who had heart surgery. So until then, I have no room to open it up. It is currently in the babies room all folded up.

Well, I promise to post more tomorrow. I miss you guys. I am just super stresses with the State Tests this week for my kiddos.

Confession: Food intake has sucked!

Cheer: I haven't been going crazy, just not good decisions. No eat everything in site, just mealtime choices.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Relay for LIfe

Last night I participated in Relay for Life. It is an awesome charity that raises money for cancer patients and research. It was an all night event (6pm-6am) where teams in the area sign up, raise money, and walk relay style all night long.

It was so awesome!! I have been affected by cancer with my Papa Perry who died of colon cancer in 2008 and my mom is a cancer survivor of not even a year with pancreatic cancer.

It was very overwhelming to see all of those people out there who have either had cancer, or have known someone who has. There was a point where they turned off all of the stadium lights (at the high school track) and they lit these bags with peoples names on them in memory. I just wanted to cry my eyes out. It was so insipirational.

Right about midnight is when I left. (I have to go to work today to tutor kids) Right before I left I jogged one lap in memory of my Papa and one lap in  honor of my mom.

If you know someone who has cancer or who has been touched by cancer in someway, tell them that you love them today. I get to go see my mom and my grandma today!

Confession: I ate a cupcake at the relay.

Cheer: I walked A LOT last night!! And it didn't even kill me!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Dead

I'm not dead, just really, really tired. My job is starting to take its tole on me. I am a teacher to a bunch of crazy 6th graders. I work in an area where gangs and violence is normal. It is starting to take my spirit away a little at a time. We have a major test next week that determines if they learned anything this year. Well, that's what the state believes.  ALL of the teachers in the state of Texas can find several flaws in their system and want to shove it up the government's ass.

Anyways, the weightloss thing is going great. I haven't worked out in a couple of days due to my lack of energy. I didn't get home until 9:30 last night and then I just wet straight to bed.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions about running in the morning. I might give it a try next week. Hopefully my body wont be so tired!

Confession: I snuck in a York pattie the other day at the store when I was shopping alone.

Cheer: Instead of Jack in the Box like I wanted...I got Subway for lunch yesterday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weigh In Day

Starting Weight: 189
Last Weeks Weight: 191
Current Weight: 189.4

I am still here!!! As you can see I am almost back to where I started from back in February.

My stress level is a little high right now. I am hoping to get up early to run on the treadmill tomorrow morning.

How many of you run in the morning outside? I am afraid something bad might happen. I live in a very safe neighborhood, but I still have that thought in the back of my mind. When I leave in the morning around 6:30am I see some couples running in the morning. I would be going around 5:00am in the morning. Big difference.

What do you guys think?

Confession: I had Buffulo wings for dinner.

Cheer: I have been drinking my water.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Blues

Why is it that I can do so awesome all week and then screw it all up on the weekend?

I was so close to maybe a 2 pound loss this week, but I screwed that all up in just 2 days.

Get ready for this....In the past 2 days I have had Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King, Whataburger, and Jack in the Box.

What's wrong with me? Our weekend was craxy busy. I haven't been home for maybe l ike 10 minutes total.

I feel like poopoo. Oh well, maybe next week!

Confession: My whole post was a confession. LOL

Cheer: I did go to a BBQ cookoff and didn't eat anything bad for me and got in some good walking in.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Check and Mate!!

Are you ready for this action!!??

I just conqured the 1 mile of non-stop running. Can you believe it!!?? I did it in 11 minutes flat. On Saturday my first mile was 13 minutes. I shaved 2 minutes off!!

How did I do it you ask? How did I break through my 0.8 wall that has been haunting me for the last month??


I wanted to be able to post on here that I did it. I wanted to be able to post something positive on here since my last few posts this month have been pretty crappy. I got to that 0.8 spot and felt my body to start shutting down, but I just kissed it goodbye and kept on trucking down the sidewalk. I turned the corner and saw the end in site and starting chanting, "You can do it! You are not alone!" like 100 times outloud. I know people driving by thought I was crazy, but I didn't care.

I also kept repeating, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!"

I am so proud=) Thanks guys for believing in me. You have helped me more than you know!!

Confession: I had some chocolate today.

Cheer: I didn't eat sunflower seeds last night like I had said I would. I ran a freakin mile!!! LOL And I have lost one pound so far. Official weigh in isnt until Monday morning. Here is to a few more by Monday!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 year olds are great!!

I just got an e-mail of pictures of me from my last race! There is one photo where I look like I am going to die!! LOL The lady in the pictures with me is the woman Julie I was talking about earlier. She really was awesome and just what I needed to push me to the end. Click here to see the pictures! I might order a picture. Not sure yet.

So, my post is called 4 year olds are great!! because when I was looking at my pictures my son Donnie Ray says, "Mom! IS that you crossing the finish line? I am so proud of you mom! Good Job!!" Can you believe how sweet he is? LOL

Also, today we went for a family walk again and he rode his bike with training wheels all the way to Walmart...and get this! He even rode all the way back and didn't even complain about being tired! That was a 2 mile round trip!! I am his number 1 fan, and I am his too=)

Confession: I am about to give in to eating a few handfulls of sunflower seeds. It has been one of those days. I need to get my rug hook project out to keep my mind off of mindless snacking!!

Cheer: I walked 2 miles today and did my morning workout. My goal tomorrow is to drink all of my water and no sodas of any kind. I really need to kick the Diet coke to the curb. It is so hard! I also had someone else say they want to join the weightloss group I started at school=)

Rise and Shine!

So, I actually got out of bed this morning and did a workout video! I really wanted to sleep in and maybe start getting up early tomorrow, but I did it. I got up and did a video. That's a start huh? I used to really enjoy getting up and having my hour to myself.

Yesterday evening I decided I wanted Subway for dinner. I didn't want to just get in the car and drive there. No way!! That would be too easy!! I decided to strap on my jogging shoes and jog there! It is almost a mile from my house. So I jogged to Subway, got my food, and jogged back! It felt great! Since I didn't get up early yesterday, I had to do something to get my exercise in! The lady looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her for a bag to put all the sandwiches in. I told her I jogged here. She just gave me this weirdo look like I was crazy. LOL

My mood is starting to get back to normal. My little "present" should be coming soon. My hubby told me that last night. I was like, Thanks a lot. He said he can usually tell a few days before it comes. I think now that I have made the decision to not give up and keep going no matter what, my mood and viewpoints are different.

Well, I'm off to eat my breakfast! Peanut Butter toast!

Confession: I started off good, but right after lunch I ate a few things I shouldn't have. I did stay in my calories though!

Cheer: I drank 66 ounces of water yesterday. I had only one sparkling water (Black Cherry). I woke up early this morning and jogged yesterday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little things add up

I'm not sure why I can't get up earlier anymore like I was a few months ago. I was gettting up at 5am almost everyday last month to work out, but now I feel like my body will fail if I don't get in that extra hor of sleep. This morning I woke up at 5:45. Not enough time to work out, but enough time to make a healthy breakfast. Hey, the little things add up. A healthy breakfast today...a workout tomorrow....I will get there. I need to et back to where I was a month ago. I was feeling so healthy and secure with myself and happy. Now, I feel like a big blob of lard. Yuck.

I saw this comic and thought it was just too cute. I feel this way sometimes. So, I will leave you with this because I have to eat and go take a shower.

My goal today is to drink all of my water and drink NO Sodas. Even the diet ones!

Confession: I didn't get up to workout this morning.

Cheer: I am making a healthy breakfast and I am going to work with a plan.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Part II

First Weigh in Day of my weightloss club I started at school. My new weigh-in days will now be Mondays.

Starting Weight: 189
Current Weight: 191
Weightloss: +2 pounds

So, I have lost 4 pounds on this journey, just to gain it back and then add 2 more onto that. Not too happy about that. It looks like blog world is also having problems too. I'm not the only one, but that doesn't make me anymore happier.

I want to give a huge shout out Keelie at Real Fat for doing an awesome job at losing 5 pounds this week! It is so nice to hear about people who are winning the battle of the bulge. It's hard to be so happy for someone and feel like a failure too. I am so happy for her though and I can't wait to see more of her wonderful before and after pics!

Also, I want to send a huge shout out to Katie at Looking in the Mirror for passing her teacher test!! She was so stressed out about it and she finally passed! Way to go!!

Since I'm in the shout out mood tonight I am going to give another HUGE shoutout to my friend Sara at Weddings and Weightloss for losing 4 pounds (well, 5.2) this week and for getting 10 followers!! You guys should go check her blog out. I went to high school with her and she is great!

So, how did my weightloss program at school go? It went okay. I had 12 people saying they were coming and only had like 6 people. It was only the first week of the meetings though. Hopefully more will join. I had an awesome powerpoint and they all seemed interested.

Confession: I had a Snickers bar today at the faculty meeting. It wasn't as great as I remembered it to be.

Cheer: I wanted to stop on the way home from work and get a candy from the gas station, but I just kept on driving! I also went for a family walk today. My 4 year old rode his bike with training wheels attached=)

Just for the Health of It

That is the name of the weightloss group that me and one of my teacher friends have started at our school. Today is the first day we meet. I created a powerpoint, flyers, and plan on bringing samples of goodies that I have found helpful to share. I am really excited. I have 12 people counting me signed up for it. I offered to weigh in people too, so I hope they take advantage of it.

Today's topic is the pro's and con's of each diet plan out there. From Atkins to the Zone, I am trying to show them that not everyone has to do the same plan. Pick which one fits with your lifestyle. We are not all built the same, we all didn't put the weight on the same, so our plans are not going to be the same.

Wish me luck!! I will post tonight how it goes!!

Confession: I started baking sugar cookies last night because I wanted to test out making it into a business. I ate quite a few cookies.

Cheer: I am motivated to get back on track today and plan to start over. I will post my weigh in results tonight too. I think I have gained even more weight since I last checked. Yuck. My size 10 pants are still roomy though!!! Could be muscle weight??

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back and Better than ever!!

On my first blog post I said that this blog would be a roller coaster, and I must have known what was to come, because boy this past week has been one crazy week of crazy emotions. I wanted to apologize for the last few posts. I have been pretty emotional and I think its partly because I fell of the wagon on my lifestlye change and I was upset and had a lot of anger. I was mad at myself and so I was mad at others and took it out on them.

The great news is that I am back and better than ever!!

This morning I ran in the Bellaire Trolley 5k run!! Well, I jogged and walked. But I ran the first mile in 13 minutes! I started to switch walking and running and when I got to the 2 mile mark I was almost ready to give up...when this awesome woman named Julie cam up behin dme and started cheering me on! I didn't even know her! She just came up behind me and started pushing me ot jog with her. And I did! I ran the whole last 1.5 miles and I thought I was going to die!! I even finished strong and sprinted the last 10 feet. It goes to show you how nice people in Texas and how a hobby like running can bring people together. It felt so good to cross that line strong. So a huge thank you to Julie wherever you are!

And the best thing ever? I shaved 7 minutes and 41 seconds off of my first race back in February!! I was super excited about that!! I almost burst into tears! I even hugged the ladt Julie!! LOL

After the race they were giving away some great freebies. I even won a door prize! Is that fate or what? CiCi's pizza was there giving away free pizza (and if oyu know me that is my biggest weakness!!) but I thought, why would you want to eat crap after you just ran 3.5 miles?

I will leave you with a picture that my mom took of me after I got home from the race!!

Confession: I ate a double cheeseburger yesterday in the car on the way home and threw out the evidence before I got home!!

Cheer: I just ran a 5k race!! I also picked up a free Dr. Pepper at the race, but then I decided to give it to my kiddo because I didn't want to damage a body that just ran a 5k!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Okay, first I wanted to say sorry for the post yesterday. It was kinda a downer. Here is the update.

He didn't leave. I knew and he knew he wouldn't. After about 30 minutes of the silent treatment, dinner was ready and we started talking again. I didn't bring up the car or the job any more after that. The kids woke up and things started to get back to normal.

I knew there was something else other than the money that was bothering him about the job. I wouldn't take the job if it was something bigger than money. I was right. There was.

Around 11 o'clock last night when I finally get into bed, he starts to cry. (he would die if he knew I wrote that!) and he said that he wanted me to be happy and that it wasn't him just being a jerk...he just was scared to have someone else watch the boys other than his mom or the other babysitter we have right now because he didn't know any of these people and he's scared something bad will hppen to them. Understandable. All he had to do was tell me that!

He also told me that his mom was really upset that her boys wern't there because she just had surgery and can't watch them. He really loves his mom a lot and so do I. We may see things differently sometime, but she really is good for my kids. I told him that I hope that my boys will love me as much as he loves his...and he said he knew they would. That was so nice=)

He also did something that he hasn't done in awhile. When I got in bed he just wrapped his arms around me and just held me. Usually he tries to go further and I have to beat him off with a stick. LOL.

I knew there was something else that was the problem. After 5 years of marriage, I know that me and my hubby are in it for the long run. I told him that we are too good for each other to fight so much. He agreed.

Thanks for everything guys. I am feeling much better and the next post will be a great one!

Confession: All of this stress has be going towards sunflower seeds. My tears are so salty that it burns my eyes!! I need to get over this funk and get rid of the seeds!

Cheer: I took off today so I can go pick up my race packet and then it is off to see my mom, dad, brother, his grilfriend, my grandma, and uncle. I can't wait!! The race is tomorrow!! LOL

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Really stressed

Life is just getting complicated. Fighting with hubby is getting worse. It all comes down to me wanting the perfect job for me and him being a jackass about it. I'm really upset about it because jobs jobs like this don't come around that often and I am really unhappy in the position I am right now. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the teachers I work with, but the kids are horrible. I work in a ghetto part of Houston with a ton of gangs, drugs, and violence. I don't want my kids to grow up with it, so this job would be perfect for me. The area is better, they could attend the same school as me, and the commute is 100 times better.

All it boils down to is that my husband wants a really expensive car. I found a sitter who would watch the boys for the same price I am watching them now, so money is no longer the problem. Then what is it? He can't give me a really good excuse on why I shouldn't get this new job. Money is no longer a problem. I just don't get it.

So after a temper tantrum where he threw stuff around the house and stomped around yelling, he is now packing his stuff up and going who knows where. I'm just going to let him act all big and bad. Don't worry, the kiddos are asleep right now, so they don't see us fighting.

I will let you know more later.

Confession: I am super depressed now. I really could care less what I am eating.

Cheer: I started a Weightloss Program at my school and on Monday we have our first meeting. I have 12 people signed up and I made this really cool powerpoint and everything! I will post Monday night how it went. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I wish I could report that I have been a warrior the past few days, but I have been stressed and tired.

My food intake has improved during the day....still working on the nighttime meals. My exercise has sucked because my head feels like it could explode any minute. I just feel like a truck has runned me over.

I am stressed out at work because things aren't going too well. I am a teacher and the kids are just horrible. Gangs, violence, and disrespect is what I have to deal with on a regular basis. It's starting to wear down on me. There is a new job that would be perfect for me that I kinda already applied for, but I would have to start paying for a Daycare for two kids. My mother-in-law watches my kids right now for super cheap and this new job is closer to my house (5 minute drive) and further from her house (45 minute drive) so we would have to pay a Daycare. This wouldn't be a problem if my hubby didn't need a new car. Well, a new used car. His is about to die. So...it's either him a new car or me a new job. I wish it was a simple decision, but with him, nothing is simple. I don't want him to keep driving the car he has, but this new job is a librarian job at an elementary school that my kids could go to. It's the perfect job...but I dont think we can afford it.

I am just really stressed out!

Thanks for listening to me.

Confession: I had chicken strips and french fies for dinner. I haven't been getting up to work out in the mornings either.

Cheer: I ate a salad for lunch yesterday and I plan on eating another one today!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Square One...almost

This is a hard post to write, but...it has to be done.

Well, if you have ever seen my ticker, you would have seen that I had lost 4.6 pounds on this journey. Now you see that it is 0 pounds lost. I thought I would be honest with myself and my fellow weightloss bloggers friends and say that  have gained that weight back. I have note been keeping track of my food intake at all and have given into the fast food, sweets, and sodium. I feel so yucky right now. My body feels physically ill due to all of the crap that I have been shoveling into my body.

I feel horrible because I used to have such great posts on here, but if you have been a follower for long, you know that they haven't been the best lately. Sorry about that. I feel like I am letting myself and my family down. When I started this journey I was all into it and excited, but the stresses of life happened and now I am back to square one.


I say almost because this fall back is not like the others. If this had happened two months ago, I would still be in a funk. I am not. I am more motivated to get back on track. I have a 5k race on Saturday to get ready for! I also have lost 2 pant sizes! I gave away my size 14's and my 12's have holes in them, so I can't just stop now! I would have nothing to wear! LOL

So, with the truth out there, I feel better. I don't feel like I have to lie to you guys. You are so awesome! I hope I can live up to what I want to be. I know I can live up to what I want to be.

April Goals: 1. To get back on track food wise. 2. To get back on track exercise wise 3. Lose back my weight gain 4. Lose 6 more inches overall

That feels much better. I am ready to re-start my journey yet again.

Confession: I ate my way back to being 189 pounds.

Cheer: I got up early this morning and did a workout video called Bollywood Dance. I know this is my go-to workout because it always gets me happy about working out in the mornings. I also fessed up to something that has been weighing on my chest for about two weeks now. Something I wouldn't have done before.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

And the winner is....

And the winner to my first ever giveaway is....Tania from the blog The road back to being me!! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway!! I will have to do one once a month because it was so much fun!!

Tania, you have won a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO HEALTH MAGAZINE!! Just send me an e-mail at lgokey02@gmail.com with your name and address and you should get your first magazine in four to five weeks!!

Googie, how did you choose your winner? Good question! I officially had 10 entries into my contest (sad it was such a low number) and I went to this website where I put it one winner and 10 entries and hit pick random number and the number 6 was picked....so Tania was my sixth comment!!


Happy Easter everyone!!

Confession: I ate a huge steak at Applebees today!

Cheer: I am really looking forward to getting back on track this month. I will post my goals tomorrow for inches and maybe weight!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Chance

This is just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my first giveaway!! Click here to enter!! It is a one year subscription to HEALTH magazine. At the end of the year you can cancel or decide to pay for it if you want to continue!! You have until MIDNIGHT tonight to enter.

I will post a better post tomorrow. I'm a horrible mother and we still haven't made eggs for the Easter Bunny!!!!

Confession: I had the best cake at a Baby Shower today, and since I got home so late....we went to Cici's pizza for dinner.

Cheer: My size 10 pants are starting to feel roomy!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ugly Cupcake Society

Thanks to the Chunky Chick for this awesome honor!! I love reading her blog, you should go check it out!!

1. Scroll down the right side of my blog until you get to the badge and then post it on your blog wherever you like. Please use the html code to link back to The Fat Chick Weigh so others can also read the rules.

2. Write a post on your blog about why you are an Ugly Cupcake. See THIS POST from the Fat Chick Weigh if you want more info on that and/or the history of the UGLY CUPCAKE SOCIETY.

3. Leave a comment @ The Fat Chick Weigh's most current post saying you want to be added to the list of members.

4. Leave a comment in the most current post or send me a little message HERE including the name you want me to use.

So...why am I in the Ugly Cupcake Society...

Well, I was always thin as a child. In high school I was a knockout. I would wear short skirts and low cut tops and scoot my little booty all over school. Not only was I drop dead gorgeous, I was also super smart and super nice to everyone. Then...came college. My mommy wasn't there to tell me what to eat and to put down the Dr. Pepper and I gained the freshman 15 and then some. I did not do any physical activity at all. And I mean at ALL. I slowly started putting on the pounds and ignored my mothers mean spirited comments about my weightloss. I started to notice that the boys wern't jumping over chairs to sit by me anymore. At parties I wanted to hide in the corner because I couldn't find anything cute to wear. It didn't help that my roommate was stick thin and blonde. I eventually met a guy at the end of my freshman year and dated him for two years. I slowly put more weight on until I didn't even recognize my old self. Where had I gone? What happened to that bubbly girl that everyone loved and wanted to be? My relationship wasn't the best in the world. He was emotionally abbusive and didn't believe in God. When I was thinking he was going to pop the question...he broke up with me and started to date a girl half my size the very next day. Two years of my life gone! Just to be replaced by her. About 4 months later I met the man who is now my husband of almost 5 years. I ended up getting pregnant about 5 months into our relationship. 2 babies later I am 70 pounds heavier than I was when I graduated high school.

I am proud to be a muffin because I am not the same person as I was when I was a cupcake. I have grown SOOO much since those years. If I hadn't become a muffin I wouldn't have met my husband or had two beautiful children. So, I am proud to be an UGLY CUPCAKE!! I will always be a muffin, but hopefully in a smaller size=)

4. Nominate 5 people to join the Ugly Cupcake Society.

- Have them click on the badge you posted to your blog to bring them here for the rules.
Some of you have laready seen this, so it might be repeated for some of you. Here they are!

1. Cincimom because she knows all about being a mommy!!

2. Looking in the Mirror because I LOVE reading her blogs. Even the short ones=)

3. Weddings and Weightloss who knew me when I was a cupcake!

4. Fashion Meets Food because she is just so trendy!!

5. Fat Girl Confessions because she is one of my newest blogs to join and she was in colorguard like me!