Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I wish I could report that I have been a warrior the past few days, but I have been stressed and tired.

My food intake has improved during the day....still working on the nighttime meals. My exercise has sucked because my head feels like it could explode any minute. I just feel like a truck has runned me over.

I am stressed out at work because things aren't going too well. I am a teacher and the kids are just horrible. Gangs, violence, and disrespect is what I have to deal with on a regular basis. It's starting to wear down on me. There is a new job that would be perfect for me that I kinda already applied for, but I would have to start paying for a Daycare for two kids. My mother-in-law watches my kids right now for super cheap and this new job is closer to my house (5 minute drive) and further from her house (45 minute drive) so we would have to pay a Daycare. This wouldn't be a problem if my hubby didn't need a new car. Well, a new used car. His is about to die. So...it's either him a new car or me a new job. I wish it was a simple decision, but with him, nothing is simple. I don't want him to keep driving the car he has, but this new job is a librarian job at an elementary school that my kids could go to. It's the perfect job...but I dont think we can afford it.

I am just really stressed out!

Thanks for listening to me.

Confession: I had chicken strips and french fies for dinner. I haven't been getting up to work out in the mornings either.

Cheer: I ate a salad for lunch yesterday and I plan on eating another one today!


  1. I am sorry your sick feel better!

    I hope you can find a better job, maybe something will work out. I hear you with the kids, as it gets closer to break the worse they get!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you could walk to work and he could drive your car. Hard decision but stress makes life suck and losing weight even header :) Hope all gets better soon.


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