Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 year olds are great!!

I just got an e-mail of pictures of me from my last race! There is one photo where I look like I am going to die!! LOL The lady in the pictures with me is the woman Julie I was talking about earlier. She really was awesome and just what I needed to push me to the end. Click here to see the pictures! I might order a picture. Not sure yet.

So, my post is called 4 year olds are great!! because when I was looking at my pictures my son Donnie Ray says, "Mom! IS that you crossing the finish line? I am so proud of you mom! Good Job!!" Can you believe how sweet he is? LOL

Also, today we went for a family walk again and he rode his bike with training wheels all the way to Walmart...and get this! He even rode all the way back and didn't even complain about being tired! That was a 2 mile round trip!! I am his number 1 fan, and I am his too=)

Confession: I am about to give in to eating a few handfulls of sunflower seeds. It has been one of those days. I need to get my rug hook project out to keep my mind off of mindless snacking!!

Cheer: I walked 2 miles today and did my morning workout. My goal tomorrow is to drink all of my water and no sodas of any kind. I really need to kick the Diet coke to the curb. It is so hard! I also had someone else say they want to join the weightloss group I started at school=)


  1. Hey! Couldn't see the pictures, the site is asking for the date or event. But your son deserves the biggest hug in the world ♥

  2. yeah - it said session expired for me too. great job!


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