Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a great workout!!

I wish that Houston had a huge mountain in it somewhere so I could climb it and declare from the top that I have had THE BEST WORKOUTS EVER!!!!

You know that feeling right after a good workout where you feel like you could conquer the world?? Well, I have had the feeling for the last two days. I feel FANTASTIC!!

Yesterday I went to the gym and walked for 3 minutes as a warm-up, then I jogged (4.5mph) for 12 minutes, and then walked for 5 and then jogged for 8 minutes, and then sprinted the last 2 minutes. Can you believe that? I have never ran for 12 minutes before. I wasn't even out of breath, my legs were just getting a little wobbly.

Today, I decided to take the day off. My two sons have a regular babysitter who takes them to Mother's Day Out program, well I took them and then went and saw a movie!! I did this all by myself!! I was so proud. But before the movie I went to the gym again and ran for 15 minutes straight!!! It took me 15 mintues to run 1 mile, but I did it. I wasn't even out of breath!! My legs got wobbly again. They will get stronger after doing this more and more.

Anyways, I am just super proud of myself.

Confession: I had popcorn at the movie today, but it made me sick with all of the butter and salt, so I didn't finish it. Actually, I wasn't even close.

Cheer: I had a great workout!! Woohoo!! I took time off for myself!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sorry Guys

Sorry I haven't been updating and leaving comments like I have been. The stress in my life is kinda starting to get to me. I had the stomach flu last week and I'm still not 100%. My appetite hasn't really come back yet. I am more just eating because I know it is lunch time or dinner time and that I need to eat so I don't faint.

This stomach flu has really made me think of food though. How food should be seen as something to fuel your body. All of that junk food is not fuel, or at least it's fuel to junk up your tank. My husband makes me keep the receipts when I fill up my car in case I get bad gas somewhere. Makes you almost want to keep your receipt for fast food places and bring yourself back when it messes up your body.

Other stresses are family life, my job, my Master's classes, and just not having anytime to myself. Right now I actually have my one year old crying in his crib wanting to get up. He shouldn't be up until 6:30 and it is 5:52 right now. I tried giving him a morning bottle, but it didn't work. It's just something to mess up the little time I have to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my kiddos and want nothing but to be with them all the time, but sometimes, I would like a little me time. I think that no me time has added on to my stress levels.

I actually woke up on Saturday morning having a panic attack and I had to go throw up. I was having a really scary dream and I think it just triggered my stress level. You will see me update every morning because this has turned into my "me time." Thanks for sticking with me. I really need you guys.

Confession: I need to drop the soda. NOW.

Cheer: I haven't been eating my whole plate. I have been leaving some food because I am not hungry anymore. Why eat if you aren't hungry? Also, I just finished my first novel. I have some people looking it over right now, but it feels so nice to have that first one complete!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weigh In (1)

Last Week's Weight: 195
Current Weight: 189
Total Loss: 6 pounds

How many times can one person start over in weightloss? I have seen people who have had blogs for years and some on here a couple of months. The one thing we all have in common is the drive to finish this weightloss journey. The fact that I am writing this right now, shows that I still want to do this.

It took me about an entire week to get over my stomach flu. The result of it has made me really, really tired and six pounds lighter. Yuck.

I see this 189 as a challenge. I don't ever want to see 190 ever again. So, this is considered Weight In (1). This is the first weigh in of my new journey.

Confession: We had CiCi's pizza last night to celebrate my son passing an exam at his pre-k class.

Cheer: I had my husband order half a pizza of my favorite pizza so I wouldn't keep going back to the buffet, and then I didn't even eat my whole half a pizza!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010


I am MIA right now due to a very severe tummy virus=(

I miss you guys!! I barely have enough energy to write this.

Give update soon=)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

When life gives you limes....

....find someone with a salt shaker and a bottle of tequila and have a party!!

I know the saying goes, "When life give you lemons..." but this past week has been super hard for me in my personal life and a margarita is in order. Dieting aside, this week has been super crazy at work. I was basically stabbed in the back by my principal and I feel like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on. It's kinda like you put your whole life into something and then it takes two minutes to totally destroy it. Sucks.

That's all I'm going to say about that. I'm pretty upset about it and it's affecting everything from my eating to my sleeping.

I just need to get to the gym tomorrow and blow off some steam.

Confession: I still haven't done much with my 30 Day Shred. I am determined to do it, but things aren't the best right now.

Cheer: I'm not totally going off the deepend with food. I just need to get my mindset fixed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm no quitter

That's right...I am no quitter!!

Day One- 30 Day Shred Challenge.....again!!!

Why is it that when I start to get things in control....I get sick. I think I actually used it as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted and sit on my butt. I don't believe in taking medicine when you are sick because the body needs to heal itself (crazy that I wont put good things in, but crap junk food I will) so it takes me about a week or two to get over something small.

Anyways, I know this Challenge at Live, Smile, Run is well underway...but I still want to do it, so I will just end later than everyone else. Here is a picture of me from Day One again to showas proof. LOL

Confession: I have been eating crap!!!

Cheer: We are poor right now, so we have to eat in all this week!! LOL

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still here

I'm still here. Just really overwhelmed with school work. I will post more tomorrow whn I'm done with my homework. I need to get back on the wagon!! Miss you guys!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Update

Let's just say....

Still feeling yucky...
Baby with a teething fever all weekend....
tons of homework to do for my Masters classes....
I gained a pound this week (surprised not more)....

I will get back on the challenge starting tomorrow...

I still feel like a truck hit me...backed up....and hit me again....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 2 and a random rant

Day 2 went really well for The Shred Challenge. I really like how at the end of the session Jillian talks about not quitting and going all the way. It really pumps me up. I haven't done Day 3 yet because when I woke up I could barely breathe through my nose and I think I have a sinus infection. I am not going to let it get the best of me and I will do the workout before I go to bed tonight.

Random Rant: So, like I have said before I am a 6th grade teacher to students who grew up with English as their second language, ESL. I love my job because I reall feel like I am making a difference. I want my students to remember me as a cool teacher who taught them life lessons. Well, today I found out that one of my precious boys are reading on a kindergarten level. He asked me how to spell CAT today. Do you know how hard and fast my heart broke today when I found this out?? You could literally see the anger fumes steaming off of my head when I thought about all of his elementary teachers who let this poor child pass through their classroom and did NOTHIING to help this poor child. Get off your ass from behind the desk and sit down with this child!! Stay during your lunch period and help him learn how to write CAT!! Don't ignore him because it is too hard and you don't get paid enough to deal with his behavior problems. He misbehaves because people have told him he was dumb his whole life!! Now that I know, how can I ignore this? I won't!!!

Okay, I am off of my rant. I will post pictures tomorrow of me after my Day 3 tonight.

Confession: I ate some of the chocolate bars that the kiddos were selling at school. I did count the calories!! LOL

Cheer: Tomorrow I am going to get my first ever massage!! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 1- Shred Challenge

It is Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred Challenge from Live, Smile, Run. I went and bought the Jillian Michaels workout video last night so I would be ready for this morning. So how was it?? Well.....let's just say that I was so tired and so weak after the first day, when the cooldown came on I just fell to the floor and stayed there as I watched them do it. I had sweat dripping down my back and face. And it was only a 20 minute video!! LOL I almost didn't do it because I couldn't find the remote to the dvd player, and it doesn't go up or down on the menu without it. But, instead of just giving up on day one, I put it in my husbands PS2 and got to work!!

Syl wanted us to post before pictures, post 1/2 way there photos, and our after photo. She also wants us to give our measurements before, during, and after. So here we go!!

Before Photos:

Beginning Measurements:
Chest: 45"
Waist: 41"
Hips: 46"
Thigh: 25"
Arm: 12"

So, there it is. There I am in all of my fatty glory. I hate looking at these photos. I hate that my husband had to take these horrible photos. But, I hope to see some kind of a difference in 10 days. Wish me luck!!

Confession: Food was bad today. Not all bad. I had a good lunch and dinner. It was the cookies in between that wern't so great.

Cheer: I didn't giv eup this morning. I kept pushing through!!