Monday, September 27, 2010

Sorry Guys

Sorry I haven't been updating and leaving comments like I have been. The stress in my life is kinda starting to get to me. I had the stomach flu last week and I'm still not 100%. My appetite hasn't really come back yet. I am more just eating because I know it is lunch time or dinner time and that I need to eat so I don't faint.

This stomach flu has really made me think of food though. How food should be seen as something to fuel your body. All of that junk food is not fuel, or at least it's fuel to junk up your tank. My husband makes me keep the receipts when I fill up my car in case I get bad gas somewhere. Makes you almost want to keep your receipt for fast food places and bring yourself back when it messes up your body.

Other stresses are family life, my job, my Master's classes, and just not having anytime to myself. Right now I actually have my one year old crying in his crib wanting to get up. He shouldn't be up until 6:30 and it is 5:52 right now. I tried giving him a morning bottle, but it didn't work. It's just something to mess up the little time I have to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my kiddos and want nothing but to be with them all the time, but sometimes, I would like a little me time. I think that no me time has added on to my stress levels.

I actually woke up on Saturday morning having a panic attack and I had to go throw up. I was having a really scary dream and I think it just triggered my stress level. You will see me update every morning because this has turned into my "me time." Thanks for sticking with me. I really need you guys.

Confession: I need to drop the soda. NOW.

Cheer: I haven't been eating my whole plate. I have been leaving some food because I am not hungry anymore. Why eat if you aren't hungry? Also, I just finished my first novel. I have some people looking it over right now, but it feels so nice to have that first one complete!!

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  1. hope you are feeling better and life gets less stressful! Thats awesome that you`ve been able to leave food on your plate... I havent been leaving any lately.



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