Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got Milk?

My body must be going through some kind of weirdo growth spurt or maybe it knows something I don't know. I have been craving milk so bad right now. The last time I drank milk like this was when I was prego with my two kids. For some reason my body felt like I just needed milk. It usually only last a few days, and then I am over it. My body is needing this milk right now. My hubby isn't too happy about it because between me and the baby, we are going through a gallon of milk in two days. I know this craving will pass. And don't worry, it's not whole milk.

I didn't count my calories yesterday because I was just so busy. I didn't eat anything horrible. Just the basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner.I bought some sunflower seeds the other day when I was stressing. I think I'm over that now. I ate a whole bunch last night abd bow I don't even want to look at them.

I went to the gym yesterday too after about a three week break. I realize that I had lost my most weight when I stopped going. But the number on the scale is not what I should be looking at. I should be looking at how my body feels and my clothes feel. Plus, I'm paying monthly for my membership. I think I'm going to try and go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for awhile and see how it goes.

Confession: I didn't push myself very hard at the gym. I forgot my ear plugs, so I was kinda just ready to go home. I did run for 6 minutes without slowing down, so I'm happy with that.

Cheer: I made it to the gym and still had enough energy to make pork chops last night!! I didn't give in and go out to dinner.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weigh In (3)

Last Weeks Weight: 194.5
This Weeks Weight: 193
Loss: -1.5
Total Loss: -3

Why do I have it titled Weigh In (3)? I have been doing this for more than three weeks, but this is really the third week that I feel I have been trying my best. These past three weeks have really been an eye opener for me. I really think that this is now where I need to be to really tackle this weight issue. So, for now I have lost 3 pounds in three weeks. I am pretty happy with that.

Did I reach my goal of 2 pounds this week? No. But I was pretty darn close with 1.5. I am super happy with that number and can't wait until next Sunday to see what I do.

While at Walmart today with my family my hubby was trying to put some (parden my French) crap in our basket. I was putting in fruits and veggies and he was putting in brownies and sweet buns. It's a good thing that he got the brownies I don't like and I can't stand sweet buns. So we are okay.

I'm looking forward to going back to the gym tomorrow after work. The key is to bring a change of clothes and change before I leave work so I have no excuse.

Confession: I bought some Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper to bring to work with me. I need to kick this soda habit!!

Cheer: When my hubby suggested we have corn dogs for lunch today I put my foot down. We ended up having sandwiches. So much more healthier. I also didn't give in to eating the sweet buns for breakfast, so I made some toast instead!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A small set back

Well, I wouldn't call it a set back. Things like this happen all of the time. I went over my calories yesterday by 96. I say it is small because yes, I went over my calories, but 96 isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It could have been worse.

Do you want to know what put me over? A King Sized candy bar. The bar said it was only 240 calories....but when I put it into my calorie counter it said a serving was only 1/2 a bar. So really the calories (because I at the whole thing) were 480 calories!! That is like the calories for my lunch all together!! I was weak and gave in t the sugar.

So, I am going to just bounce back after this mess up. I'm not the only one. It probably wont be the last time I do this, but at least I am aware and I didn't try and cheat by not counting it. I have really been honest with my calorie counting and it feels good to do that. I feel like I am actually trying, and I am seeing results because of it=)

Well, I am off to my Masters class. It is from 10-4 today. I am really excited, but also nervous. Wish me luck!!

Confession: Even though I had eaten a candy bar earlier that day, and I knew I would be close to m calories, I still ate a skinny cow icecream when Igot home. Sugar is the devil!!!

Cheer: I am being honest and not trying to hide anything. When I do hide stuff, I start overeating and that is bad. Honesty is the best policy!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Calorie Counting

Okay, so yesterday in my confession I talked about going to Cici's pizza. One of my favorite places. Also, a very dangerous place. My hubby and I got into a little arguement about me eating the two brownies that I had eaten. I tried to explain to him that I was not on a set diet, that I was in a lifestyle change. I can allow myself a treat every now and again. If not, I will go home and eat everything in site!

So, I have been keeping track with my calories on Livestrong.com. I know you have read me talking about this in earlier posts. I have been doing it consistantly for about a week now. I am really happy with it too. I decided to put in my four small pieces of pizza, the two small brownies I ate, and the 8oz regular Dr. Pepper (no refills) into my calorie counter to see how bad I did. I was so worried. But....when the final total for the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) totaled up, I still had 14 calories I could eat. Take that hubby!! I told him that I have been doing really well during the day so that in case this happens, I will still be in my calorie count for the day. He said he was sorry and that he was happy. Laura=1 Husband=0.

I know it isn't just about the calories. There are other factors in it as well such as fat, sugar, sodium and a long list of things. I was under my count for everything as well excpet for the sugar. Most of the sugar came from my fruit earlier for snacks.

Confession: I bought a candy bar from a kid today at school. I had a craving and he was there. I did put it in my calorie counter and I still was under my sugar count for the day.

Cheer: Even though I don't weigh in officially until Sunday...I have lost 1 pound so far this week. My goal is 2 pounds, so hopefully if I keep working at it I will reach that 2. If not, I will just be happy with a loss!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

True Friends

I really have some awesome friends. Yesterday when I got home I received two packages in the mail. I felt so popular! One was my books for my Masters class, which starts on Saturday. The other was from a friends of mine that I have known since like 2nd grade. I knew she was sending me something, but I had no idea what. I had made her some stuff for her baby that she had about 3 months ago, so I just thought it was a thank you card.

It ended up being....a really pretty chunky necklace!! If you are new to the blog, I lost a ton of inches around February and March and so to reward myself, I bought a really cute Texas style chunky necklace. She knows that I like them because I posted my reward on Facebook. With the necklace, she left a note. It said:

Dear Laura,

I hope you have a wonderful school year! Good luck with your continued weight loss, I'm very proud of you. I hope you like your present and it makes you feel fabulous!!

Love yah!!


How awesome is she?? It felt so good to hear that someone is proud of me for what I am doing. It really is a great self-esteem booster. I have some of the greatest friends!!

You guys are also awesome friends. I talk about you guys at work and now they know who I am talking about when I mention some of you. It's like they are buddies with you too. So, thanks for your kind comments yesterday. It's nice to hear that I am not the only wierdo out there. LOL

Confession: We went to CiCi's Pizza last night. I did good on the pizza part, but then I had two small brownies...my hubby and I had a fight ove rme eating them on the way home. I was a little upset with him for pointing it out that I ate it. I kinda felt like a little kid.

Cheer: I have been bringing my lunch and snacks to school. Everytime I start to feel hungry, I know that I have a healthy snack I can eat instead of going to a vending machine or chocolate. It also makes me happier too!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man, I DON'T feel like a woman

For those of you who don't follow country music, there is a song called, "Man, I feel like a woman" from the beautiful singer Shania Twain. LOVE HER!!

Well, in this song she sings about the many great reasons why it is so wonderfrul to be a woman. It's all about feeling free, wearing short skirts, and mens shirts. And, I might add that she looks fantastic in this video. Actually, Shania has looked fantastic in her entire career. Here is a picture of her singing the song at a conce. Doesn't her body look fanastic??

So, where am I going with this? Well, ever since I started gaining weight, I haven't been in touch with my girly side. I maybe have shaved my legs once this whole summer. I just ended up wearing pants and it is super hot in 100 degree weather. I just didn't feel feminine and so I didn't do it. I have a pretty understanding husband. LOL.

I haven't gotten my nails done since Mothers Day. That was my present. I hardly get to go shopping alone because of the kids. I usually don't wear jewelry....well, you get it. The list could go on and on.

Well, last night I actually shaved my legs. Well, at least the bottom from the knee down. I want to start being more feminine and wearing skirts to work. It is just going to have to take some time. I know what you are thinking. Gross! She doesn't shave her legs? Well, I just didn't feel like a woman. My hormones are totally out of wack from gaining weight. I didn't really have the feminine curves. I looked like just one big mass.

From now on, I will treat myself better and do nice things for myself.

Confession: I slept in a little this morning. About 10 minutes or so. I am still on schedule though, so it's all good!

Cheer: I took up the challenge that Syl at Live, Smile, Run sent out to do the 30 day shred. It doesn't start until September 1, so there is still time. You should sign up too!! Also, we have had a chocolate cake in the house for a few days now (hubby bought it) and I have only had one small slice!! Usually I would have had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!

I am feeling very bright and cheerful today, which is surprising since it is the second day of me going back to work.

I think I am feeling happy because my body is happy with me. I have been watching what I have been eating and I feel so much better. My skin is clearing up, I haven't been so tired, and I actually look forward to eating. Before I was eating because that is just what you do and to hide feelings I didn't want to feel. Now I look at my food as a possibility. Every day is a day to make the choice to do good things for my body. It isn't the scale that makes the choices, it is me. I determine what that scale says.

So far I am down a half pound, but I can't count on anything until Sunday morning. Let's hope I can make it through Saturday without blowing it. I actually will be going to a class on Saturday for my Masters, so I think I will be okay since I'll be in a classroom setting all day.

My goal is 2 ponds this week. Can't wait till Sunday!!

Confession: I have been drinking waaaayyy too many diet sodas. Need more water!!

Cheer: I have been taking leftovers for lunch so I don't have to eat in the yucky snack bar at school. I feel better after eating a good lunch instead of a greasy one!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Morning!!

Rise and shine it's the morning time!!! My mom used to wake me up with that saying when I was little and now I use it on my kids. It was annoying when my mom did it I hope I call follow in her footsteps. LOL

It really has been a great morning so far. Today is the first day of school for the kids to go to school. I have been working for about a week now, but today I will get students. I love the first day of school. I teach 6th grade, so it's fun to see the gowth of my kiddos from the first day to the last. It's hard enough to be a preteen, but now add about 1,100 of them all in one school. It's crazy!!

Why has it been a great morning you ask? I woke up around 5am and so far I have: eaten breakfast, done a load of dishes, updated my facebook, and I just did a load of laundry!! That's a lot!! And I still have time to post before I go and take my shower. I hope this feeling stays with me all day and through the week.

Confession: I sneaked a butter biscuit in the car yesterday when I went show shopping. The guilt kinda messed up the pleasure...

Cheer: I have gotten so much done so far this morning!! I want to make this a morning routine again!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

0.5 pound loss

So, this week I lost 0.5 pounds. I'm happy with it. I wish it would have been a little more. Last week I lost 1 pound, so I want to lose 2 pounds this week. I think it is a reasonable goal.

Anyways...I was worried about going to to school again and seeing some teachers that I knew who were also going through weightloss. One was my coach. She slimmed down a lot this past year for her wedding and she was looking pretty good. She really gave me some great workout tips last year. Well, I was a little nervous about her seeing me because even though I did pretty good this summer, I still hadn't lost as much as I had wanted. When I saw her, I told her about going to go workout and everything, but how my food wasn't so great. She admitted to me that she wasn't 100 percent on food either. That kinda made me feel a little better about my summer weightloss. She still looks great, but she said her hips and butt still have to go. LOL

Well, we are off to our farm house. We haven't been there in a few weeks and we need to mow the grass!!

Confession: We ate pizza last night from Pizza Hut and it was soooo good....but it gave me a tummy ache about an hour later=(

Cheer: I got up early and made myself breakfast before heading to church. Usually I skip breakfast or I eat a donut wen I get there. Yeah me!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. I started back to work on Monday after a long summer off. This week was just for the teachers to get ready to have kids this following Monday. I was super stressed out that I wasn't going to have my classroom ready, so Ididn't get up early enough to blog.

I actually had my second ever panic attack on Wednesday night. I think the stress of money and school kinda hit me hard while I was sleeping and around midnight I woke up in a panic and couldn't breathe. My hubby just rolled over and went bck to sleep (he clais he doesn't remember me waking him up) so I got up and called my mom. She was really nice about talking me through the attack. I'm much better now, but it really just hit me that money will be very limited for awhile and we wont have anything extra to spend. Pretty much bills and childcare. My hubby suggested we stop spendingthe 80 bucks on the gym, but I told him that going to the gym helps keep my stress levels lw, so we arent getting rid of that!

Well, food hasn't been too good. The teachers always want to go out. Mostly to gossip about stuff we can't talk about at school. I went a long and tried to eat right, but it didn't turn out too good. This week will be much better because I will be bringing my lunch every day and I wont have anywhere to go after school, so I can cook supper too.

Thanks to all of my loyal blog readers out there!! This week I will be on top of my game!!

Confession: When we ate out, I didn't stop myself from eating the dinner rolls and chips!! I also have shugged about 100 gallon of soda this wek to stay awake!!

Cheer: I have a game pan and I am so ready to lose this weight!! I am not giving up!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling pretty darn good

So, this is day two of getting up for work. I'm kinda glad that I am getting into a routine again. I wake up at 5 (this morning 5:10), shower, eat breakfast, update facebook, write on my blog, get dressed, wake up the bys, get them dressed, and we are out the door by 6:30. I like it.

Yesterday I tried the Kellogg's FiberPlus Antioxidants Cinnamon Oat Crunch for breakfast and it was really good! It's a lot like Cheerios, but the cinnamon adds a little extra something. Plus, with extra fiber in it, who could complain? This morning I am having two hard boiled eggs and a piece of peanut butter toast. Yummm...

I am very proud of myself yesterday. When I got to school I was still full from breakfast, so when I saw that they breakfast provided for us and it was just cakes and pasteries, I just grabbed a banana. Plus, my snack was an apple and peach! The only thing I messed up with was eating too many breadsticks at lunch. They catered in from Pizza Hut and I couldn't hold myself back. It was not pretty. So, I give myself 4 out of 5 stars for yesterday. I made meatloaf last night and it was pretty good. I don't know whereI got the energy when  got home to make it, but I did!!

Confession: I drank a regular soda after lunch yesterday. I could of grabbed the diet, but the Dr. Pepper looked so tasty!!

Cheer: I really did well yesterday and I am very proud of myself. They had a candy bowl at the table full of goodies and I only had two mini tootsie rolls.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to work I go!

Summer has officially ended in our house. Today I am going back to work....no students yet. Just the teachers going back to work on their rooms and listen to horrible speeches about how this will be our year to shine!! LOL. It's the same speech every year and I would rather be in my classroom getting set up.

Anyways, I had a 1 lb loss this past week. I weigh in on Sunday mornings. I'm happy with my 1 pound loss even though I knew it should be better. We went camping on Saturday withthe family and friends and I think I drank  little too much. Don't worry, I don't let the kids see me drink. I'm not some party animal. But I did have a little too much....and I think that hindered more weight loss. It's also that time of the month too.....yuck.

I'm pretty happy with that I accomplished this summer. I think I am feeling a little more dedicated to the weightloss than I was at the end of last year. I hope people can see a difference in me. I haven't really lost weight, but I have lost inches...so we shall see. The first day back is always a fashion show because the new teachers are there. Then we realize that we are just the same old teachers from years past and we don't have to get all dressed up fr each other, LOL.

Wish me luck!!

Confession: I am still not getting in my water!!!

Cheer: We went to the store and I bought so many fruits and veggies!! I tried to stay on the outside edges of the store and barely had to go in the middle!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Much Better

Thanks guys for all of the encouraging comments. I was not in a really good place yesterday, and this helped me out of my funk. My husband was a little upset about it, but he was happy that I sucked up my pride and went and stood in line at Kroer to pay my bill quickly and the gas guy is coming today.

How can I make sure this isn't going to happen again? Well, I already have my mortgage and car payment automatically taken out of my account on the 15th of every month so I don't have to worry about late fees ever again. Well, I asked the really nice lady to send me some paper work to set that up with my gas bill too. I think by doing this it takes the stress out of my life because 1) I stop getting paper mail that clutters up my table and 2) It creates a more peaceful relationship between me nd my hubby because it's already paid and we rest easier. I am going to see if I can do this for all of my bills so I dont get a month behind or I forget all together.

I am almost finished with my book and I am really happy with it. I think tomorrow I will post a book review for it so you guys can et a good idea of how decluttering relates to weightloss.

Confession: I gave in last night and made a late night run for a Dr. Pepper and King Sized Chocolate Bar. I also ate out last night because my hubby had a meeting and they meet at a local mexican food place. After I ate I came home and had the worst stomach ache. After eating at home all week my stomach was not ready for all of that greese. It kinda ruined the dinner. That's a good thing though. Makes me think twice about eating out again!

Cheer: I really am doing good at cleaning out the clutter in my house. Yesterday I tackled my pantry (that was the chapter I was on) and now I can see my countertops!! It makes me want to cook at home and use the whole cooking surface (which means healthier meals). Yeah for me!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The craziness that is my llife

I am sharing something deep about my life with you because this is a blog about my ups and downs, and this is one of my downs. It's embarassing to put this out there, but I just feel so down in the dumps right now.

To show you how cluttered and scatterbrained I am, I have to share with you that my gas was cut off this morning. I had no idea this was going ot happen. How do you not know? Don't you keep track of these things? How do you know that you didn't pay the bill? Didn't you get a notice?

Well, I did get a bill and I did get a notice that it would be cut off. Where were these notices? In a huge stack of paperwork on my desk. The envelopes were still sealed. I never even opened them. I put them in a too be read pile on my desk and then because my desk is so cluttered, I never opened them. I am so upset with myself right now. I am so worried about calling my hubby right now.

I feel like the world is against me. Or that I am against me. I have a gas stove. I have been really into cooking dinner for my family and because I was disoraganized and cluttered, I screwed myself up. I was really starting to enjoy something, and then I had to go and screw it up. I guess it was my reality check. Things aren't roses and puppy dogs. No matter how hard I try and change soemthing in my life, I am just reminded what a screw up I really am.

I am just in a really dark place right now. Instead of giving in and going to get something to eat to drown my sorrows, I am just going to go pay my bill and hope they can come tomorrow to turn it back on.

I will not let this happen again. It changes now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fast or slow dinners?

Does your road trip home from work look something like this?

Does your dinner table look something like this?

or like this?

Wouldn't it be nicer if your road home looked like this?

And your dinners looked like this?

or this?

I want to issue out a challenge to anyone reading this post. I challenge you to not eat fast food for one week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and see how your body feels, the relationship with your family gorws, and the waist of your pants getting looser.

Let's get back to the basics and crush that fast food lifestyle one meal at a time!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kitchen Cleanup

So, I know you guys are tired of hearing about the new book I am reading. But t is really helping me out!!

Today I read about cleaning out your kitchen so that way you are more willing to stay home and cook a good meal. It's true! When I get home and walk into a cluttered kitchen, the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy meal. Well, since Saturday night, I have kept a clean kitchen and I have been cooking at home! I am so proud of myself! I even stayed home and made a sandwich today for lunch instead of going to Kroger and getting something premade!

I also have noticed that my energy level has gone up since eating at home and I feel more motherly and wifey lately. I look forward to eating at the dining room table with my family (now that I can see the table!) and I think my family enjoys eating there too.

I have had a great food week so far and I am looking forward to weighing in on Sunday morning. I just need to keep getting rid of the clutter and focusing on the goal.

Confession: I had a York pattie today when I went to buy milk at the store. I am so addicted to chocolate!!

Cheer: My hubby was craving icecream, so I went to the store. Instead of getting something fattening for myself (I hate his flavor of icecream) I bought the WW fudge bars instead...MMMmmmm...and only 1 point a bar!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weightloss Books

While cleaning out a tub in my garage to put all of the Christmas decorations that have taken over my hallways closets, I came across a South Beach Diet book that I got from my mom. I recall not even getting past the first page. I already knew it wasn't for me.

Later today I was reading my book that I just got called Does This Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh. One part that I read talked about cleaning out my bookshelves of all the past weightloss books that I have collected and get rid of them. Obviously they didn't work, so why are you still holding on to them. It is just adding more to the clutter in your house which is making you fat!! I totally agree. So, I got rid of about three more books and I am taking them to Goodwill.

My hubby finally found out what was wrong with out vacuum. It was all clogged up with crap!! Nothing  could come in!! So, now I feel better than I can vacuum my floors again. Just one step to getting the house clean!! Yeah me!!!

Confession: We had a buffet style breakfast today. I tried to fill up on as much fruit as I could.

Cheer: I got rif of boxes, yes boxes, of junk out of my garage today!! Clean house here I come!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reformer Pilates

This morning I wanted to go to the gym to try out Zumba, but after I put the kiddos in the babysitting room, I realized that the time had been changed and I was an hour early. Instead if going to ge the kids out and going home (because I knew I wouldn't come back an hour later), I found another class to go to.

I decided to do an introduction class to Reformer Pilates. I included a picture of what the crazy machine looks like. It kinda looks like a torture machine and when I watched the end of the class before me it was. I was interested and so I stayed for the intro class. The lady set me up on a machine and went over what each part was and how it worked. I ended up being a natural at it! She said it will help me stretch more and work my tummy area. There was one point where she told me to pull my belly in and I couldn't help but tell her I was. LOL.

So, I really liked this reformer pilates, but if I want to take the real class, it is $100. But it is 10 sessions. I think that is a good price, but I dont have the money right now since we just paid $1000 for my Masters classes.

I thought I would leave you with some words of wisdom frm the book I am reading that I talked about this past post: "The only way for you to change and change for good, is for you to take interest in your own body and what you put into it, to be informed, and to take responsibility for the extra fat that weighs you down and impedes your ability to live the life you want. Weight control is not about diets, it's about decisions. Your decisions." -Peter Walsh

Confession: I am still trying to kick the sunflower seed habit. I did really good, but then stress happened and it took over again.

Cheer: Even though I was scared to death, I stayed for the Reformer Pilates class and ended up liking a new exercise!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Two Shoutouts and Two Cheers

Let's start out with the two shoutouts because they are so much fun!!

My first HUGE shoutout goes to Keelie at REAL FAT. She is so awesome!! If you haen't been to her blog, where have you been? Check out her before and now pictures. They are amazing!! I am giving her a shoutout because yesterday I was complaining how hot it was (today it was 105 and the heat index was 110) and how I didn't want to workout. Well, afte reading her post on her non existant workouts and how she needed to get moving, I was inspired to put on my gym clothes and head to the gym!! I was sooo happy that I went to the gym and I want to say thank you toKeelie for staying so rea!!

My second HUGE shoutout goes to Amberly at Amberly's Weightloss Journey. She is so super nice and I am glad I can call her a bloggie buddy!! The other day I wrote a post here about my dirty little secret about my house being disorderly. She suggested in the comments to get this book: Does this Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat? By: Peter Walsh. He is the guy from the hit show Clean Sweap and he was recently on Oprah helping a woman who is a hoarder. I bought the bok that day and I just got it in the mail today....and I can already see a difference!! I can see myself in his words and I think I am going to buy some more of his books. It is nice to see that others have the same feelings I do!! My clutter is affecting my weightloss. THank you Amberly!!

My two cheers are that I went to the gym yesterday and tonight my ubby wanted pizza and I didn't want it. So when I went to go pick up the pizza I saw that there was a Subway a few stores away. I walked to Subway and ordered me a sandwich and thn ordered his pizza!! I was so proud=)

Confession: I drank too many regualr sodas today. With the heat I should be drinking more water.

Cheer: I just keep on packing up the clutter and shipping it out!! I no longer stumble in the dark in my room over crap on the floor!! I just have to get used to it. I normally have to hold onto stuff on my way to the bathroom in the dark=)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

100 plus degree weather

It is so hard to stay motivated when it has been 100 plus degree weather for multiple days now. Just walking out to get the mail is a chore. I come back in with beads of sweat running down my face. Yuck!!

I am still in this, but it is starting to get on my nerves. I always do this to myself. I get really into it and when I don't see drasctic change I go back to the way I was. And then I get upset when I gain weight.

This lifestyle change is not going to be easy, but I am still trucking a long!!!

How is everyones week so far?

Confession: Food is out of control right now!!

Cheer: I took a tv, baby toys, and three more bags of clothes to Goodwill today. I am in the groove!! I know this will help me with my diet because I will feel better about myself mentally.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been so super busy lately. School is about to start back up and I am a teacher, so I have been running around trying to fix up my classroom. I am also about to start up tking my Masters classes again so that is also adding to the stress.

I a happy abut what I have done this summer, but I wish you could tell more when you look at me. My body seems slimmer to me, but some of my clothes fit a little snug around my belly and it doesn't look like I have done anything at all. I know this isn't all just going to magically fall off and it will take me awhile, but I wanted to go back finished with my weightloss. Two months to lose over 60 pounds?? Haha. Nice dream.

I have actually gained a little weight since I left in June, but I have managed to lose 2 cup sizes and maintain my loss in pant sizes. I think the gained weight is muscle from going to the gym a lot and running and when that evens out I will lose the weight number.

How can you be almost 200 pounds and wear a size 10 jean? That doesn't add up.

I hope everyones week has been going well. I need to up my water count and keep up with my calories. Those two things will have gotten me to my first reward. Funny how close you get to rewarding yourself the harder it is to accomplish your goals.

Confession: We went to Waterburger for dinner tonight because it was their 60th Anniversary and if you wore orange, you got a free hamburger. Pretty sad huh?

Cheer: I have really made headway in cleaning up my house. I took another 3 bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill =) My goalis to get all of the clothes off of my bedroom floor (a huge, huge pile) and either give them away or find a home for them in my closet or dresser by the time school starts. That means I have to give up a lot of too lose or too tight clothes.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bad Weekend

It was a good weekend because my husband was home from work (he has been working non-stop even on weekends for about two months now), but it was also bad because we ate out a lot too.

When it is just me and the kiddos I don't eat out because we just usually hang around the house. When my hubby is home we are doing things and just eat out while we are out and about. I had IHOP, Waterburger (twice), MExican food (because we had a $10 off coupon), Texas Roadhouse (dad paid of rsteak), and a ton of other crap I can't remember. It was BAD.

On a lighter note, haha, I did find a pair of dress pants I fit into and I didn't cringe at the size. I went to New York & Company and can fit into their size 12 dress pants. Better than the 14 and 16's I would have bought someplace else. They are also on sale for $24.95 right now instead of like $45 so thats a plus too!!

Confession: Bad food and no workouts since Thursday. I also was hurting on my self-esteem earlier. Anyone know of any acne products that work? I have little red bumps that just stay under the skin. It is annoying!!

Cheer: I am still in this and trying to go strong.