Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weigh In (3)

Last Weeks Weight: 194.5
This Weeks Weight: 193
Loss: -1.5
Total Loss: -3

Why do I have it titled Weigh In (3)? I have been doing this for more than three weeks, but this is really the third week that I feel I have been trying my best. These past three weeks have really been an eye opener for me. I really think that this is now where I need to be to really tackle this weight issue. So, for now I have lost 3 pounds in three weeks. I am pretty happy with that.

Did I reach my goal of 2 pounds this week? No. But I was pretty darn close with 1.5. I am super happy with that number and can't wait until next Sunday to see what I do.

While at Walmart today with my family my hubby was trying to put some (parden my French) crap in our basket. I was putting in fruits and veggies and he was putting in brownies and sweet buns. It's a good thing that he got the brownies I don't like and I can't stand sweet buns. So we are okay.

I'm looking forward to going back to the gym tomorrow after work. The key is to bring a change of clothes and change before I leave work so I have no excuse.

Confession: I bought some Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper to bring to work with me. I need to kick this soda habit!!

Cheer: When my hubby suggested we have corn dogs for lunch today I put my foot down. We ended up having sandwiches. So much more healthier. I also didn't give in to eating the sweet buns for breakfast, so I made some toast instead!!


  1. I had to work hard to kick my soda habit, but once you switch to just water for a while, you'll hardly miss it because you will feel so much better. Even cutting out diet drinks. I definitely miss the fizz from time to time, but it gets easier with time. I would suggest just quitting it all cold turkey for a while and see what a difference it makes. :)Have a great week!

  2. Good job with the weight loss! Today starts week one for me. Again... I feel like I am constantly doing this lol. I finally kicked the pop habit.... besides slurpees. I havent had any since my junior year of college, and that was 2005. Good for you resisting temptation. Your husband and my husband should get together and go eat corn dogs. I swear everyday I hear "can we have corn dogs today" lol



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