Friday, August 27, 2010

Calorie Counting

Okay, so yesterday in my confession I talked about going to Cici's pizza. One of my favorite places. Also, a very dangerous place. My hubby and I got into a little arguement about me eating the two brownies that I had eaten. I tried to explain to him that I was not on a set diet, that I was in a lifestyle change. I can allow myself a treat every now and again. If not, I will go home and eat everything in site!

So, I have been keeping track with my calories on Livestrong.com. I know you have read me talking about this in earlier posts. I have been doing it consistantly for about a week now. I am really happy with it too. I decided to put in my four small pieces of pizza, the two small brownies I ate, and the 8oz regular Dr. Pepper (no refills) into my calorie counter to see how bad I did. I was so worried. But....when the final total for the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) totaled up, I still had 14 calories I could eat. Take that hubby!! I told him that I have been doing really well during the day so that in case this happens, I will still be in my calorie count for the day. He said he was sorry and that he was happy. Laura=1 Husband=0.

I know it isn't just about the calories. There are other factors in it as well such as fat, sugar, sodium and a long list of things. I was under my count for everything as well excpet for the sugar. Most of the sugar came from my fruit earlier for snacks.

Confession: I bought a candy bar from a kid today at school. I had a craving and he was there. I did put it in my calorie counter and I still was under my sugar count for the day.

Cheer: Even though I don't weigh in officially until Sunday...I have lost 1 pound so far this week. My goal is 2 pounds, so hopefully if I keep working at it I will reach that 2. If not, I will just be happy with a loss!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting on my blog!

    I think you should tell you husband that I said "nothing is done or undone in one snack, one meal, one day, one week or even one month." Then he doesn't have to be so panicked if he sees you eating something that he thinks may derail you. That is my mantra (and I think I'm going to add it to my own blog!)

    Your weight loss is going to be a joint effort of snacks, meals, days, weeks so even if you would have gone over your calories or sugar, that's one day, that's it. You wouldn't have ruined anything, you just wouldn't have had a "perfect" day.

    I think you did very well for being in your favorite restaurant and being able to just have a bit of this and that and not go all out binge! Well done you!

    p.s. I'm going to add your blog to my blogroll. Feel free to add mine to yours

  2. I struggle with eating out because I when I am counting calories I can't count accurately. I get obsessive because i have to count down to the last gram.


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