Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fast or slow dinners?

Does your road trip home from work look something like this?

Does your dinner table look something like this?

or like this?

Wouldn't it be nicer if your road home looked like this?

And your dinners looked like this?

or this?

I want to issue out a challenge to anyone reading this post. I challenge you to not eat fast food for one week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and see how your body feels, the relationship with your family gorws, and the waist of your pants getting looser.

Let's get back to the basics and crush that fast food lifestyle one meal at a time!!


  1. That is a great challenge to lay down! I haven't had fast food in many months, but sometimes I think, "It would be so much easier if I could just get a bucket of chicken."

  2. Awesome challenge. I try to follow that and do family dinners all the time.

  3. Oh God I am in ! This is my weekly goal, to cook all meals home. I am definitely in in this challenge!

  4. The grocery store is our fast food stop. The produce department has everything you need for a meal on the go. The publix deli has subs (veggie for me please) the coolers have cold unsweetened tea or water.


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