Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bad Weekend

It was a good weekend because my husband was home from work (he has been working non-stop even on weekends for about two months now), but it was also bad because we ate out a lot too.

When it is just me and the kiddos I don't eat out because we just usually hang around the house. When my hubby is home we are doing things and just eat out while we are out and about. I had IHOP, Waterburger (twice), MExican food (because we had a $10 off coupon), Texas Roadhouse (dad paid of rsteak), and a ton of other crap I can't remember. It was BAD.

On a lighter note, haha, I did find a pair of dress pants I fit into and I didn't cringe at the size. I went to New York & Company and can fit into their size 12 dress pants. Better than the 14 and 16's I would have bought someplace else. They are also on sale for $24.95 right now instead of like $45 so thats a plus too!!

Confession: Bad food and no workouts since Thursday. I also was hurting on my self-esteem earlier. Anyone know of any acne products that work? I have little red bumps that just stay under the skin. It is annoying!!

Cheer: I am still in this and trying to go strong.


  1. Well now that the weekend is over... you can go back to normal :o) Yesterday I tried to eat Mexican food... my stomach hated me for it the rest of the night... thankfully I didn't gain anything lol.
    Congrats on the size 12... I'm almost able to fit into a 14... so I can't wait for a size 12!!! Way to go!!

  2. No worries about the food. Just move forward from this. As for the acne medicine, I just wash my face with Nuetrogena oil-free acne wash every day with the toner after. Works well with only an occasional bump here or there.

  3. It's ok, girl! Just do what you know to do starting now!! :)

    & size 12 (& 14!!) - Cannot wait to get there!


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