Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kitchen Cleanup

So, I know you guys are tired of hearing about the new book I am reading. But t is really helping me out!!

Today I read about cleaning out your kitchen so that way you are more willing to stay home and cook a good meal. It's true! When I get home and walk into a cluttered kitchen, the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy meal. Well, since Saturday night, I have kept a clean kitchen and I have been cooking at home! I am so proud of myself! I even stayed home and made a sandwich today for lunch instead of going to Kroger and getting something premade!

I also have noticed that my energy level has gone up since eating at home and I feel more motherly and wifey lately. I look forward to eating at the dining room table with my family (now that I can see the table!) and I think my family enjoys eating there too.

I have had a great food week so far and I am looking forward to weighing in on Sunday morning. I just need to keep getting rid of the clutter and focusing on the goal.

Confession: I had a York pattie today when I went to buy milk at the store. I am so addicted to chocolate!!

Cheer: My hubby was craving icecream, so I went to the store. Instead of getting something fattening for myself (I hate his flavor of icecream) I bought the WW fudge bars instead...MMMmmmm...and only 1 point a bar!!


  1. I can't work in cluttered kitchen too :).

    Eating home cooked food really makes me energetic,and less lethargic

  2. Cooking actually relaxes me while keeping me energized (does that even make sense?) I cook after my workouts instead of letting myself just slump around afterward, I cook, eat, then have enough energy to clean....usually :-) I noticed if you stick to that kind of routine, you somehow find the time to do things you think you didn't have time for before. It's weird.


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