Friday, August 6, 2010

Two Shoutouts and Two Cheers

Let's start out with the two shoutouts because they are so much fun!!

My first HUGE shoutout goes to Keelie at REAL FAT. She is so awesome!! If you haen't been to her blog, where have you been? Check out her before and now pictures. They are amazing!! I am giving her a shoutout because yesterday I was complaining how hot it was (today it was 105 and the heat index was 110) and how I didn't want to workout. Well, afte reading her post on her non existant workouts and how she needed to get moving, I was inspired to put on my gym clothes and head to the gym!! I was sooo happy that I went to the gym and I want to say thank you toKeelie for staying so rea!!

My second HUGE shoutout goes to Amberly at Amberly's Weightloss Journey. She is so super nice and I am glad I can call her a bloggie buddy!! The other day I wrote a post here about my dirty little secret about my house being disorderly. She suggested in the comments to get this book: Does this Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat? By: Peter Walsh. He is the guy from the hit show Clean Sweap and he was recently on Oprah helping a woman who is a hoarder. I bought the bok that day and I just got it in the mail today....and I can already see a difference!! I can see myself in his words and I think I am going to buy some more of his books. It is nice to see that others have the same feelings I do!! My clutter is affecting my weightloss. THank you Amberly!!

My two cheers are that I went to the gym yesterday and tonight my ubby wanted pizza and I didn't want it. So when I went to go pick up the pizza I saw that there was a Subway a few stores away. I walked to Subway and ordered me a sandwich and thn ordered his pizza!! I was so proud=)

Confession: I drank too many regualr sodas today. With the heat I should be drinking more water.

Cheer: I just keep on packing up the clutter and shipping it out!! I no longer stumble in the dark in my room over crap on the floor!! I just have to get used to it. I normally have to hold onto stuff on my way to the bathroom in the dark=)


  1. Love your background, the one piece suits are so cute and fun!

    Thanks for the comment, girl! Really sweet and inspiring :) :)


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