Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got Milk?

My body must be going through some kind of weirdo growth spurt or maybe it knows something I don't know. I have been craving milk so bad right now. The last time I drank milk like this was when I was prego with my two kids. For some reason my body felt like I just needed milk. It usually only last a few days, and then I am over it. My body is needing this milk right now. My hubby isn't too happy about it because between me and the baby, we are going through a gallon of milk in two days. I know this craving will pass. And don't worry, it's not whole milk.

I didn't count my calories yesterday because I was just so busy. I didn't eat anything horrible. Just the basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner.I bought some sunflower seeds the other day when I was stressing. I think I'm over that now. I ate a whole bunch last night abd bow I don't even want to look at them.

I went to the gym yesterday too after about a three week break. I realize that I had lost my most weight when I stopped going. But the number on the scale is not what I should be looking at. I should be looking at how my body feels and my clothes feel. Plus, I'm paying monthly for my membership. I think I'm going to try and go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for awhile and see how it goes.

Confession: I didn't push myself very hard at the gym. I forgot my ear plugs, so I was kinda just ready to go home. I did run for 6 minutes without slowing down, so I'm happy with that.

Cheer: I made it to the gym and still had enough energy to make pork chops last night!! I didn't give in and go out to dinner.


  1. I go through major milk cravings like that sometimes. Are you taking calcium? Great Job on getting to the gym. I start back at mine on the 15th.

  2. This very much sounds like my routine, going to the gym and than have a load of cakes.

  3. I wish I liked milk but I just don't unless of course I'm eating a piece of chocolate cake... I know what you mean about the gym. When I first started to work out I dreaded the gym and then I remembered what someone said "It takes 3 weeks to develope a habit." So I kept going. Even if it meant I was just going through the motions. Eventually, exercise has become a habit for me. Thankfully. I often have times that I'm not into it but I never regret it. I think you have the right idea--schedule it 3 times a week.

    Good for you for cooking dinner. Pork chops sound good.

    Take care

  4. I'm glad you stopped by my blog! =) I absolutely LOVE the design of yours. I have been thinking of toning down the colors on mine. Anyway, I look forward to following you too!

    <3 Katie

  5. i can't push myself hard at the gym every time i go either... i think that would just be too smart!
    keep up the good work!

  6. Your not alone......sometimes I just have to have milk. Generally coffee or banana flavored...in fact some right now would be good ;-)

    P.S Swimming is really good for weight loss and you can't drink milk while your doing it.

  7. I wish that I had an at home gym or at least a spin bike and treadmill. I really like working out and watching a movie. It really gets me motivated and moving. I can't stand milk so if my body ever did what you did I would think something was seriously wrong lol.


  8. I love that you're listening to your body - that is so wise and good!


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