Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. I started back to work on Monday after a long summer off. This week was just for the teachers to get ready to have kids this following Monday. I was super stressed out that I wasn't going to have my classroom ready, so Ididn't get up early enough to blog.

I actually had my second ever panic attack on Wednesday night. I think the stress of money and school kinda hit me hard while I was sleeping and around midnight I woke up in a panic and couldn't breathe. My hubby just rolled over and went bck to sleep (he clais he doesn't remember me waking him up) so I got up and called my mom. She was really nice about talking me through the attack. I'm much better now, but it really just hit me that money will be very limited for awhile and we wont have anything extra to spend. Pretty much bills and childcare. My hubby suggested we stop spendingthe 80 bucks on the gym, but I told him that going to the gym helps keep my stress levels lw, so we arent getting rid of that!

Well, food hasn't been too good. The teachers always want to go out. Mostly to gossip about stuff we can't talk about at school. I went a long and tried to eat right, but it didn't turn out too good. This week will be much better because I will be bringing my lunch every day and I wont have anywhere to go after school, so I can cook supper too.

Thanks to all of my loyal blog readers out there!! This week I will be on top of my game!!

Confession: When we ate out, I didn't stop myself from eating the dinner rolls and chips!! I also have shugged about 100 gallon of soda this wek to stay awake!!

Cheer: I have a game pan and I am so ready to lose this weight!! I am not giving up!!

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