Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reformer Pilates

This morning I wanted to go to the gym to try out Zumba, but after I put the kiddos in the babysitting room, I realized that the time had been changed and I was an hour early. Instead if going to ge the kids out and going home (because I knew I wouldn't come back an hour later), I found another class to go to.

I decided to do an introduction class to Reformer Pilates. I included a picture of what the crazy machine looks like. It kinda looks like a torture machine and when I watched the end of the class before me it was. I was interested and so I stayed for the intro class. The lady set me up on a machine and went over what each part was and how it worked. I ended up being a natural at it! She said it will help me stretch more and work my tummy area. There was one point where she told me to pull my belly in and I couldn't help but tell her I was. LOL.

So, I really liked this reformer pilates, but if I want to take the real class, it is $100. But it is 10 sessions. I think that is a good price, but I dont have the money right now since we just paid $1000 for my Masters classes.

I thought I would leave you with some words of wisdom frm the book I am reading that I talked about this past post: "The only way for you to change and change for good, is for you to take interest in your own body and what you put into it, to be informed, and to take responsibility for the extra fat that weighs you down and impedes your ability to live the life you want. Weight control is not about diets, it's about decisions. Your decisions." -Peter Walsh

Confession: I am still trying to kick the sunflower seed habit. I did really good, but then stress happened and it took over again.

Cheer: Even though I was scared to death, I stayed for the Reformer Pilates class and ended up liking a new exercise!

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  1. Cool class! I commend you for trying something new! I am a total scaredy cat, so I would never do something by myself. Perhaps one day when I have more confidence.


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