Thursday, August 26, 2010

True Friends

I really have some awesome friends. Yesterday when I got home I received two packages in the mail. I felt so popular! One was my books for my Masters class, which starts on Saturday. The other was from a friends of mine that I have known since like 2nd grade. I knew she was sending me something, but I had no idea what. I had made her some stuff for her baby that she had about 3 months ago, so I just thought it was a thank you card.

It ended up being....a really pretty chunky necklace!! If you are new to the blog, I lost a ton of inches around February and March and so to reward myself, I bought a really cute Texas style chunky necklace. She knows that I like them because I posted my reward on Facebook. With the necklace, she left a note. It said:

Dear Laura,

I hope you have a wonderful school year! Good luck with your continued weight loss, I'm very proud of you. I hope you like your present and it makes you feel fabulous!!

Love yah!!


How awesome is she?? It felt so good to hear that someone is proud of me for what I am doing. It really is a great self-esteem booster. I have some of the greatest friends!!

You guys are also awesome friends. I talk about you guys at work and now they know who I am talking about when I mention some of you. It's like they are buddies with you too. So, thanks for your kind comments yesterday. It's nice to hear that I am not the only wierdo out there. LOL

Confession: We went to CiCi's Pizza last night. I did good on the pizza part, but then I had two small brownies...my hubby and I had a fight ove rme eating them on the way home. I was a little upset with him for pointing it out that I ate it. I kinda felt like a little kid.

Cheer: I have been bringing my lunch and snacks to school. Everytime I start to feel hungry, I know that I have a healthy snack I can eat instead of going to a vending machine or chocolate. It also makes me happier too!!


  1. You are blessed to have such awesome friends. It is always good to know that someone is proud of you.I could relate to the argument with the husband. That happens with me and mine quite frequently. I guess it is his way of helping. Congrats on being prepared food wise.

  2. i have been peeking in on you every now and again, but for some reason this summer i really became anti computer... just couldn't bring myself to blog or even facebook. now, things are cooling off here in Utah and my desire to blog and be on the computer is increasing. i completely understand about the husband comment and the upsetting/feeling like a kid argument... husband do that to wives. jerks! keep up the good work! you do great!

  3. Well--I am proud of you, too!! I know I don't comment here as much as I used to be able to. You were one of the first blog buddies I had. I think the sheer fact that you are still at it almost a whole year later is AWESOME. Perseverance is what it takes.

    Now let's see that necklace!!


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