Friday, August 13, 2010

Much Better

Thanks guys for all of the encouraging comments. I was not in a really good place yesterday, and this helped me out of my funk. My husband was a little upset about it, but he was happy that I sucked up my pride and went and stood in line at Kroer to pay my bill quickly and the gas guy is coming today.

How can I make sure this isn't going to happen again? Well, I already have my mortgage and car payment automatically taken out of my account on the 15th of every month so I don't have to worry about late fees ever again. Well, I asked the really nice lady to send me some paper work to set that up with my gas bill too. I think by doing this it takes the stress out of my life because 1) I stop getting paper mail that clutters up my table and 2) It creates a more peaceful relationship between me nd my hubby because it's already paid and we rest easier. I am going to see if I can do this for all of my bills so I dont get a month behind or I forget all together.

I am almost finished with my book and I am really happy with it. I think tomorrow I will post a book review for it so you guys can et a good idea of how decluttering relates to weightloss.

Confession: I gave in last night and made a late night run for a Dr. Pepper and King Sized Chocolate Bar. I also ate out last night because my hubby had a meeting and they meet at a local mexican food place. After I ate I came home and had the worst stomach ache. After eating at home all week my stomach was not ready for all of that greese. It kinda ruined the dinner. That's a good thing though. Makes me think twice about eating out again!

Cheer: I really am doing good at cleaning out the clutter in my house. Yesterday I tackled my pantry (that was the chapter I was on) and now I can see my countertops!! It makes me want to cook at home and use the whole cooking surface (which means healthier meals). Yeah for me!!

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  1. I somehow missed your post yesterday & had to catch up! I'm so sorry that happened, but glad things are better. And we've ALL made mistakes like that! I'm pretty organized - but i used to be TERRIBLE about finances. As in spending all my money on unnecessary items & then having no money for rent. It was AWFUL! Thankfully i married a guy who not only knows how to handle the money but has taught me how to also. I still have my moments but i have my "extra" money deposited into a separate account & only spend from that one. :P


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