Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a great workout!!

I wish that Houston had a huge mountain in it somewhere so I could climb it and declare from the top that I have had THE BEST WORKOUTS EVER!!!!

You know that feeling right after a good workout where you feel like you could conquer the world?? Well, I have had the feeling for the last two days. I feel FANTASTIC!!

Yesterday I went to the gym and walked for 3 minutes as a warm-up, then I jogged (4.5mph) for 12 minutes, and then walked for 5 and then jogged for 8 minutes, and then sprinted the last 2 minutes. Can you believe that? I have never ran for 12 minutes before. I wasn't even out of breath, my legs were just getting a little wobbly.

Today, I decided to take the day off. My two sons have a regular babysitter who takes them to Mother's Day Out program, well I took them and then went and saw a movie!! I did this all by myself!! I was so proud. But before the movie I went to the gym again and ran for 15 minutes straight!!! It took me 15 mintues to run 1 mile, but I did it. I wasn't even out of breath!! My legs got wobbly again. They will get stronger after doing this more and more.

Anyways, I am just super proud of myself.

Confession: I had popcorn at the movie today, but it made me sick with all of the butter and salt, so I didn't finish it. Actually, I wasn't even close.

Cheer: I had a great workout!! Woohoo!! I took time off for myself!!!

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