Monday, April 12, 2010

Just for the Health of It

That is the name of the weightloss group that me and one of my teacher friends have started at our school. Today is the first day we meet. I created a powerpoint, flyers, and plan on bringing samples of goodies that I have found helpful to share. I am really excited. I have 12 people counting me signed up for it. I offered to weigh in people too, so I hope they take advantage of it.

Today's topic is the pro's and con's of each diet plan out there. From Atkins to the Zone, I am trying to show them that not everyone has to do the same plan. Pick which one fits with your lifestyle. We are not all built the same, we all didn't put the weight on the same, so our plans are not going to be the same.

Wish me luck!! I will post tonight how it goes!!

Confession: I started baking sugar cookies last night because I wanted to test out making it into a business. I ate quite a few cookies.

Cheer: I am motivated to get back on track today and plan to start over. I will post my weigh in results tonight too. I think I have gained even more weight since I last checked. Yuck. My size 10 pants are still roomy though!!! Could be muscle weight??


  1. So my helpful hint for the cookies (since I am a baker as well), is to chew gum...like really good gum while you are baking and until you put the cookies away. I know its hard to not eat them, especially if they are as good and I think the would be, but if you chew the really good gum, you will be less tempted. Good luck on your new group!

  2. great job on leading that up! it takes a lot of dedication to do that.


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