Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take your clothes off!!!

Well, now that I have your attention!!! LOL

I will allow you some time to put them back on...unless you want to be dirty and read this in your birthday suit...Oh lala...

Anyways, this month's Womens Health magazine tlaks about a book the editor of the magazine has written called Look Better Naked. It talks about how to sculpt your body so you look better naked (duh) and it also shows you how to love yourself for the good reasons and to focus on those things about your body.

So...looking into my mirror last night I thought about all of my stretch marks around my tummy from birthing 2 kiddos in the last 5 years, my sagging DDD boobs, and huge thighs that touch.

Then I thought about how those stretch marks make me proud that at the age of 21, I pushed out my baby boy and then my second 9 months ago. I am proud ot have them because it reminds me of how strong I was to give birth. My DDD boobs reminded me of the things I used to like the most about my body (they sat a little higher though) and how with a little work they could be again. My thighs are what helped me push my kiddos out and my hubby thinks I look sexy with a fuller figure.

So, I say we all should try to look better naked and appreciate our bodies for what they are. I mean we only get one in our lifetime, so why not take care of it when we can!

Confession: I had a snickers bar today and too many regular sodas. This was after I found 2 of my kids cheating on the major state test today!!

Cheer: I walked around the classroom all day today and then came home and played the Wii with my family for about 2 hours tonight!

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  1. It sounds like you love your body! That book looks like fun. :) Snickers are SO GOOD. I'm sorry to hear that the kids cheated.

  2. My boobs make me crazy. I would sell them if I could. I LOVE your positive attitude towards your body! You are absolutely gorgeous!



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