Friday, April 9, 2010


Okay, first I wanted to say sorry for the post yesterday. It was kinda a downer. Here is the update.

He didn't leave. I knew and he knew he wouldn't. After about 30 minutes of the silent treatment, dinner was ready and we started talking again. I didn't bring up the car or the job any more after that. The kids woke up and things started to get back to normal.

I knew there was something else other than the money that was bothering him about the job. I wouldn't take the job if it was something bigger than money. I was right. There was.

Around 11 o'clock last night when I finally get into bed, he starts to cry. (he would die if he knew I wrote that!) and he said that he wanted me to be happy and that it wasn't him just being a jerk...he just was scared to have someone else watch the boys other than his mom or the other babysitter we have right now because he didn't know any of these people and he's scared something bad will hppen to them. Understandable. All he had to do was tell me that!

He also told me that his mom was really upset that her boys wern't there because she just had surgery and can't watch them. He really loves his mom a lot and so do I. We may see things differently sometime, but she really is good for my kids. I told him that I hope that my boys will love me as much as he loves his...and he said he knew they would. That was so nice=)

He also did something that he hasn't done in awhile. When I got in bed he just wrapped his arms around me and just held me. Usually he tries to go further and I have to beat him off with a stick. LOL.

I knew there was something else that was the problem. After 5 years of marriage, I know that me and my hubby are in it for the long run. I told him that we are too good for each other to fight so much. He agreed.

Thanks for everything guys. I am feeling much better and the next post will be a great one!

Confession: All of this stress has be going towards sunflower seeds. My tears are so salty that it burns my eyes!! I need to get over this funk and get rid of the seeds!

Cheer: I took off today so I can go pick up my race packet and then it is off to see my mom, dad, brother, his grilfriend, my grandma, and uncle. I can't wait!! The race is tomorrow!! LOL


  1. Aww, I'm glad to hear that there was a real reason for his being upset, and I'm glad he finally shared it with you! Leaving the kids with someone new is definitely scary! Good luck tomorrow, girlfriend!

  2. Just remember that what other people want or how they feel shouldn't keep you from your own dreams/goals. It is great the kids love their grandma, and she loves them, but grandma isn't the one who provides for you or makes your dreams come true. Also, Donald loves his mom and wants to please her, so I'm sure taking the kids away from her will make him feel like he's betraying his mom. You have to realize that is not true. DON'T SETTLE! You will regret it later on. You've got to get back that YES attitude and say yes to you! :) (However, I completely understand the marriage aspect of this whole equation...both sides have to be happy. It's just that it seems like the only person that really matter in this case is you. Your mother in law and husband will always be there.)

  3. Sodium intake is actually one of the few instances where bad food can be counteracted by good food. What matters is less the absolute intake of sodium than the ratio of sodium to potassium. Eating fewer sunflower seeds *is* the ideal solution, but if it's hard you could try eating more potassium-rich foods like bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, and oranges. It does work—I know because whenever I eat a lot of potassium-rich foods, I get these salt cravings.

    Also—are there any unsalted sunflower seeds available? There might be some available in bulk at a large grocery store like one of the bigger HEBs.


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