Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back and Better than ever!!

On my first blog post I said that this blog would be a roller coaster, and I must have known what was to come, because boy this past week has been one crazy week of crazy emotions. I wanted to apologize for the last few posts. I have been pretty emotional and I think its partly because I fell of the wagon on my lifestlye change and I was upset and had a lot of anger. I was mad at myself and so I was mad at others and took it out on them.

The great news is that I am back and better than ever!!

This morning I ran in the Bellaire Trolley 5k run!! Well, I jogged and walked. But I ran the first mile in 13 minutes! I started to switch walking and running and when I got to the 2 mile mark I was almost ready to give up...when this awesome woman named Julie cam up behin dme and started cheering me on! I didn't even know her! She just came up behind me and started pushing me ot jog with her. And I did! I ran the whole last 1.5 miles and I thought I was going to die!! I even finished strong and sprinted the last 10 feet. It goes to show you how nice people in Texas and how a hobby like running can bring people together. It felt so good to cross that line strong. So a huge thank you to Julie wherever you are!

And the best thing ever? I shaved 7 minutes and 41 seconds off of my first race back in February!! I was super excited about that!! I almost burst into tears! I even hugged the ladt Julie!! LOL

After the race they were giving away some great freebies. I even won a door prize! Is that fate or what? CiCi's pizza was there giving away free pizza (and if oyu know me that is my biggest weakness!!) but I thought, why would you want to eat crap after you just ran 3.5 miles?

I will leave you with a picture that my mom took of me after I got home from the race!!

Confession: I ate a double cheeseburger yesterday in the car on the way home and threw out the evidence before I got home!!

Cheer: I just ran a 5k race!! I also picked up a free Dr. Pepper at the race, but then I decided to give it to my kiddo because I didn't want to damage a body that just ran a 5k!!


  1. congrats thats an awesome achievement! you are doing great :)

    ps i just ate chips and threw away the evidence lol

  2. Congrats on the 5K! See, I knew you could do it! Hopefully, I'll be able to run one soonish (hahaha). Great job getting back on track! You should totally do the Ugly Cupcake Challenge this week. It'll help keep you motivated!

  3. way to go. Can't wait for my first 5k. Keep it up.

  4. WOOHOO! You did it!!! Congrats!

  5. Congrats! That is amazing! I can not wait to get there!


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