Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Mood

So yesterday was a bad day for food. I stayed in my calorie goal, actually under it, but my choices wern't the best. I forgot to order a salad for lunch at school and when I called the Cafe, they said it was too late and that they wouldn't make me one. They have a sheet to sign up for them when you sign-in in the morning and I just forgot. I was so mad! So, I ended up eating a Tony's Deep Dish Pizza. It's a little microwave pizza that had a huge amount of calories and sodium. Also, they were out of water!!! I drink like four a day and they were out!! So, I was stuck with Diet Coke. Yuck.

I'm in a bad mood this morning too because I woke up like 10 times last night. Really, ten times. Between the 7 month old and the 4 year old, I was up and down. The 7 month old just couldn't get comfy and kept moving around and the 4 year old peed in his bed last night and I had to change the sheets. I am a little upset with my hubby right now because he wouldn't get up in the night with me or tell me he has the baby this time.

So, now I am tired. I still woke up and did my workout this morning. My On Demand wasn't working (GROWL), so I had to resort to my Biggest Loser 2 DVD. I love Biggest Loser, don't get me wrong, I just really needed something a little more fast pase.

Anyways, I hope the day gets better. I really want to lose another 3 pounds this week and I don't want this bad day to ruin the whole week.

Confession: I had my deep dish pizza for lunch. I also ordered 4 boxes of girl scout cookies before I went on my diet and they come in on Thursday!

Cheer: The best part about yesterday is that I bought a box of chocolate covered almonds from a guys kid and after seeing that they were 400 calories...I gave them away!! I also gave a Kit-Kat away too!

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  1. well all you can do is stay positive I mean hey you got up after a bad night and worked out? that's amazing! I hear ya with the school food, they hardly ever have healthy stuff at my school and when they do its like 3 boxed salads. Keep in there!


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