Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Back and swimsuit hell!!

Well, after a few days resting in the country at our farmhouse on this wonderful Memorial Day weekend, I have come back with a new outlook on life. The personal business at work that has been getting me down seems so much smaller in the whole world of problems other people face. It comes down to, it's not that they are personally attacking me, it is just business. I only have four more days left of work before summer!! Yeah!! I meet with my principal tomorrow to discuss some issues I am having. Hopefully she will stay professional and not get all ghetto on me. Hopefully.

So, my title also says swimsuit hell. I was also there this weekend. Since signing up at the YMCA I have felt my old self coming back from w hen I first started this journey. Must be all the exercise highs ive been getting. Well, I decided to start swimming at the gym. They have an indoor swimming pool that has roped off lanes for swimmers. I went to our local Walmart to get me swimsuit because they are pretty cheap. Big mistake! I remember when I used to buy the smallest bikini in the world and prance around all of the boys. Now, I don't even want my hubby to see my fat rolls in a one piece. He will have to see it though to take a before photo and then hopefully at the end of July you can see a difference.

Confession: I drank waaaaayyyy too many Dr. Peppers this weekend and hardly any water.

Cheer: I skipped out on cake and just had fresh strawberries and reduced fat cool whip for dessert last night. My food intake could have been worst this weekend.

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  1. Shopping for swim suits is never fun! Good job on passing on the cake :)


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