Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day Two- Couples Counseling

This is Day 2 of waking up early and getting back into the routine I once had at the beginning of this journey. That was a time when I was actually seeing results and getting excited about never seeing this weight again. Well, that must have been the honeymoon phase of the journey...but instead of getting a divorce, I have decided to do couples counseling with myself. This is what the difference is than all the other times I have tried. I gave up on myself too early. I didn't have enough faith in myself to keep going.

Well, now I'm over the feeling sorry for myself phase. I realize that it was my bad choices that got me here. I am young and I have no medical problems to keep me from doing anything. I need to keep this up so I don't have any medical problems down the road. I am doing this for not only myself, but my kids too. My 4 year-old is riding his bike now and I have to jog a little to keep up with him. Now THAT is important to me. I don't want to hold him back and make him feel like he has to wait up for mommy.

Anyways, I will leave you with the workout video that I tried out this morning on my On Demand. I think it was really fun, but I only got like 9 minutes of the workout. I guess cause it's free. It is a dance series for like hip-hop, latin, and danceclub moves. It seemed pretty fun. I might buy the series. I just now realized that they have a blog too. They don't update very often, but oh well. I think I might need to work on my moves. I kinda looked a little silly following these sexy dancers.

My goal for tomorrow is to get in all of my 64 ounces of water! Baby steps!! LOL

Confession: We went out to dinner last night and I had Mexican food. I had a taco, a queso chip, and a tostada. Not too bad. The taco and tostada had mostly lettuce and tomatoes.

Cheer: I have woken up again two days in a row and I didn't snack (well, one banana) when I got home from eating out!


  1. You can check out workout videos from the library for free. That's what I used to do to decide which videos were worth buying. It's also fun to just try a bunch of different workouts. Variety is the spice of life, right? I'm glad to see you doing well. :) Did you post the giveaway winner yet?

  2. Baby steps is the key! When you try to do too much at one time you get overwhelmed and frustrated. Focusing on one thing like drinking your 64 oz a water is a great idea. Kudos to you for not giving up! You can do it, it just takes time.


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