Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emotional night

How many of you watch The Biggest Loser? It is one of my favorite shows. I didn't really start watching it until like the last 4 seasons, but I am hooked. Now I know what you are thinking...losing 15 pounds in one week is crazy, they have the best food ever, and they work out a little too much. But, to see someone go through this transformation is so emotional. I start weeping in the first five minutes!! I LOVE seeing people changing their lives for the good. It's a whole lot better than watching some of the other reality shows out there (Jersey Shore!). LOL
Anyways, why was this past episode sooo emotional for me? Well, it was makeover week. Back when I was 120 pounds in high school and my freshman year of college, I had a ton of clothes. I could wear anything that I picked off the rack and I looked hot. Now, shopping for me is picking something out and then having to put it back because it is too small. Or maybe my boobs are too big in the shirt and it stretches the fabric funny. I used to have all of the cool clothes. People used to ask me for fashion advice darn it! Now I just put on whatever is clean, put my hair up in a pony tail, and slip on the easiest shoes.

I don't want to be like that anymore!

I want to take pride in the way I look. So when I saw them shopping for their new bodies. Some of them had never been in a regular store before and they felt so good when they put the clothes on. Some of them had to go get a smaller size after trying on clothes! I want to do that!!

This season of the Biggest Loser is almost over. There are three episodes left. Don't worry though, in a couple of months a new season will start!

I almost forgot!! During the last hour of the show (its 2 hours long), I walked during the show and jogged during the commercials. About 15 minutes form the end of the show....sadly my treadmill died. It wouldn't speed up or slow down anymore and made some funny noises. =(

Confession: I had a hershey's bar, only got in 33 ounces of water yesterday, and ate a spicy chicken sandwich for lunch.

Cheer: I woke up early today, I worked out last night during the show, and I didn't break down and eat my hubbies sunflower seeds last night after dinner!


  1. I saw the show and liked the make-overs so much that I went and did my own make-over. I posted about it if you want to check it out.

    Sorry about the treadmill passing. Good job with getting up early and working out last night!

  2. I love this damn show and I never really did before. Maybe it's because Sam caught my eye (HAWT!). But I hear ya about fashion. I was the same way when I was my heaviest about seven years ago. Then I discovered fabulous footwear and from buying one pair of fantastic shoes, I became inspired to buy clothes to accompany them. It's like starting from the ground up :-)

  3. Shopping really is much better when you don't hate everything you try on. Before I woke up and started this journey my husband made a comment one day that I no longer dressed as nice as I used to. I got so angry at him, truth was I was really angry at me.

  4. hey girlie... i haven't stopped in for a while! i just needed a big long blog break, anyway. i dread shopping, but love it too, so bitter sweet for now. i just want to give you a tip, when you get another treadmill, make sure you unplug it from the wall after each and every use. it will prolong it's lifetime for sure. i learned that from one of the manufacturer's here in cache valley. i too have put some of my weight back on, but am getting it off through zumbah. i love it! anyway, it is good to be back. keep up you fantastic attitude!

  5. Hi Googie! It's nice to know I am not alone in shedding tears when watching TBL. I cry all throughout the ENTIRE show! To watch them achieve their dreams and get their lives back is amazing!!


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