Monday, May 10, 2010

Anyone out there?

So, I must be super boring or something because I went from having 10 comments...to have having 0 the last few posts....hmmm...but I am posting for me, not anyone else...so I will keep posting! LOL

Anyways, yesterday was a pretty successful day. I didn't pig out on junk food, I turned down dessert (crazy huh?) and I jogged/ walked 4 miles yesterday. If you haven't read my last post, I also lost 1.7 pounds this past week!

We have a hosue in the country that we bought a few years ago. It was a family farm that was about to go into auction because his great uncle had moved away without selling the house....and also not paying the taxes for 4 years. So, it was either put it up for auction....or my hubby coming in to save the day and buying the family farm for super cheap. Well, we went there yesterday to re-pipe the place. We have no running water. Did I mention no air condition either? LOL. We are working on fixing the place up. It is an old house out in the middle of nowhere and his great uncle just kinda left it there to rot.

The house sits about 4 miles from the main road and I thought how nice it would be for me to one day jog to the main road and do the little Rocky dance. So my sister-in-law mappe dout 1 mile and went for it. Yah, we didn't last too long. The road is red clay and has tons of rocks and uneven places. It was like running on sand. Good for the legs, but not good if you are trying to get to one mile. We made it to the 1 mile mark, but walked most of the way. And then we walked/jogged back home. Later I went out by myself and went the other direction and I did much better. I ran .5 miles, walked .1, and then jogged another .6 miles. Not too bad for not jogging in awhile.

Where are my comments?? LOL

Confession: We ate pizza last night after getting home late from the house.

Cheer: I worked out while we were in the country! I didn't pig out on snacks this weekend!


  1. Hey! Don't worry about comments. People are usually pretty busy over the weekend, and this was a holiday weekend. :) Do you comment on the blogs of people who comment on yours? I only ask because you seem concerned about comments. :) Also, did you post the giveaway winner yet?

    Nice loss! Happy Mother's Day. You seem to have done a good job controlling your eating this weekend. :)

  2. Congrats on the loss! And I'm so jealous of your country house. My dream is to own an old farmhouse in the country so that I can go to it when I'm tired of the city.

  3. Summer time is always slower for blogging and so are holiday weekends. I haven't even read any blogs in 4 days because of company.I feel really weird using the computer when I have company.

  4. I haven't had any comments either LOL Glad I'm not the only one...now I don't feel so bad :) Congratulations on your loss!

  5. Way to get out there and get that workout in. Those are always pretty cool houses. Fix that thing up!

  6. When I don't have many comments on my blog I just assume it's because everybody is busy! LOL

    Congrats on your loss!!!

  7. :( I am such a bad buddy! I have been reading but no comments because I am super busy with school! I do read and you keep me going!

    Good luck with the Farm sounds like a fun project!


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