Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad morning

Well, I'm having a bad morning. I'm angry with myself, i'm fed up with myself, i'm disspapointed in myself, and i'm tired. I'm tired of this up-and-down yo-yo weightloss. Everyone else is achieving this and feeling good about thermselves and having makeovers....and I am failing miserably.

How can you go down two pants sizes and the new pants are already baggy, but you are at your highest weight? I am so FRUSTRATED!!!

I am unhappy with the way I look. I have acne like I am twelve, I have a too short haircut where I look like a boy, I have hair growing out of my chin, and I'm fat. Nothing is going good right now. School sucks, my hubby and I are fighting over everything, and my house is a dissaster. Nothing is going good for me at all.

Confession: I have eaten a LOT of crap and I haven't worked out in the morning in forever.

Cheer: I did try squash and cabbage this weekend and I didn't die!


  1. Sorry about the bad morning. Maybe instead of looking at your food as the problem you could try looking at everything else in your life and see if you can identify the bottom line.
    Ok so your hair is too short, good news it will grow back. Hair on your chin, good news you can plunk it. Although it will come back. Don't let that bother you I have some random face hair that I have been dealing with for years.

    Right before I started my weight loss my husband and I were having a hard time. It never occurred to me that my weight and our diet was the problem. But I'm telling you , lately we are like high school love birds again. My husband didn't' need to lose a pound but once he stared to eat my diet I noticed a difference in his attitude too.

    Dont' give up , you just haven't found what works for you yet. Much love

  2. I hope your day gets better! Stop talking about yourself in those ways though... it's not going to do anyone any good. Would you talk about your best friend to her face like that? Probably not... so don't do it to yourself.

    Chin up, things could be way worse.

  3. I think it's time you lose the scale. Obviously, you're losing fat. Don't let that number dictate your day, week, month. Your pants are too big. THAT'S AWESOME! That's what you and the rest of the world sees.

    As for acne...girrrrrl, my acne got worse in my adulthood than in my teen years. Lately I've been using Loreal 360 and I like it, but the acne stuff from Burt's Bees is awesome. And, yeah, I got the chin hair, too. I pluck it out and will probably get it lasered soon.

    And I haven't had a relationship in six years, so I have no advice on the marriage front.

    But I will say look in the mirror and tell that girl how much you love her. You may hate your body, but think... You grew LIFE in your body, kept it safe and now you have people in your life who will love you for the rest of it. Your body created your own legacy. Long after you're gone, they'll remember you and they will remember the love, support, and all that other stuff moms do for you. I know I think of my mom every single day and she molded me into who I am. I couldn't be prouder of anything than I am of being her daughter. Your kids will feel the same.

  4. Sorry that you are down. I hope everything gets better soon.


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