Friday, May 7, 2010

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast ideas anyone?

I know that one of the biggest things for me is eating brekafast in the morning. The last couple of days I have been drinking a little yogurt smoothie drink and a piece of toast with PB or an egg. I used to get up early and fry an egg, but I just got kinda tired of eggs. They were delicious, but it was a lot of effort for something that doesn't last very long.

I like cereal, but I like the sugary cereal. I have hear that Fiber One has a great cereal, but if it is anything like the bars (which I LOVE) than I will be gassy all day long. Yep, the bars make my tummy really loud all day long and I have to go to the bathroom all day long. My sixth graders think it's pretty funny. LOL

So I guess I am asking for your breakfast ideas. Got any?

Confession: I didn't wake up early enough to workout this morning. I promise to workout this afternoon. Hopefully I will get to run outside.

Cheer: I am still motivated!


  1. Since your an egg eater i would suggest that you hard boil some. That you could have an egg in the morning without any work. Combine with a fresh fruit smoothie.

    I have a ton of chopped up frozen fruits in the freezer. Toss a few handfuls of the fruit in the blender with a handful of leafy greens, add water , milk or coconut water and whip up into a yummy smoothie.

    In you don't own a blender I would suggest to get one, once you get hooked on those smoothies you will using that thing everyday.

  2. My breakfast are too light for anyone besides me to eat. I have been eating oatmeal often for breakfast, but that gets boring. Yay for motivation!!!

  3. Find what calorie and food combo for breakfast keeps you full until lunch. I have to do at least 250 calories. I may do 1cup of Special K (the flavored ones) with ff milk. 1 1/2 packs of the instant oatmeal work to keep me full too. For variety, I'll do 2 pieces of cinnamon toast, but that doesn't stick with me as long. Oh, Smart Ones makes some yummy breakfast taco things in the frozen section.

  4. I love eating steel cut oats w/ 1/2 banana and a few walnuts.

  5. I love your cheer today =)

    About breakfast... my breakfasts are huge! So I don't think anyone will be prefering them but me :p I have smoked turkey slices, egg whites and some bagel-like local thingy every single morning. Lots of protein is the only thing keeps me full in the morning.

  6. My breakfasts usually depend on the rest of the days meals. If I know I'm going to be short on protein I'll eat 2 hard boiled eggs and some fruit. I usually eat oatmeal and fruit though. It keeps me full longer and gives me a good amount of energy to start my day. Glad to hear you're still motivated!

  7. I usually eat something like three thick pieces of bread with hummus, a few pumpkin seeds, some fruit, and a cup of cranberry juice.

    Your toast sounds good, but other than that I think your breakfast might have too many animal-based foods in it.

    You could try mixing sugary cereal with a similar non-sugary cereal—e. g., granola with plain dry oats.

  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal! I like to have a few different things at breakfast. Some favorites are turkey bacon, thawed berries with dry cereal, oatmeal with protein powder and/or nut butter, apple with nut butter, yogurt, green smoothie... I freaking love breakfast. When I get home from the gym at night, I start fantasizing about the next day's breakfast. YUM.

  9. My newest love for breakfast is the chocolate cheerios!!!! They taste like they are really bad for you, but they aren't (well as long as you only have one bowl!) Plus, they make this really yummy chocolaty milk in the bowl that you get to drink afterwards. Reallly reminds me of eating like cocoa pebbles when we were little. Super Delicious!

  10. I discovered my new favorite weekday breakfast: One Van's organic waffle drizzled with honey, topped with two sliced of turkey bacon and a sunny-side-up egg to top it off. The bacon goes in the micro, waffle in the toaster and I heat up the pan, crack the egg and cover until it's done. As that's all cooking, I do other things to get ready in the morning. I also always have at least 8 oz of veggie juice. Low sodium!


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