Monday, May 3, 2010

Day One.....again!!

Current Weight: 192.5
Goal Weight: 130

I feel like I am starting all over since I have gained weight since I have started this whole thing. I still am fitting into two sizes smaller jeans because of the inches I have lost, but I know that the weight is fat, not muscle. I can try and suger coat it, but that wouldn't be helping me.

Yesterday I said one of my goals was to wake up early....check! Do a workout video....check! And also eat breakfast...check! So far so good!! I know these little things are going to add up and pay off. I decided to do my workout video that I LOVE. It doesn't feel like exercise. It is more like dancing. It's videos like this that keep my excited about getting up early. I think I just need to buy the videos on Amazon.com so I can have them for the weekend.

Anyways, I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone for sticking around and reading my blog. I promise to have more interesting things to say. I also promise to keep updated on your blogs as well. Some of my blogs I like havent been updated in weeks. Yuck. I am finding new blogs every day though!

Well, I gotta finish my breakfast and start gettting ready for work!! See yah tomorrow!!

Confession: I slept in 10 minutes....but I still got everything finished!! LOL

Cheer: I am eating breakfast and starting all over. I'm not quitting!!


  1. The fact that your only confession is just you slept in 10 minutes is saying a lot! Good luck!

  2. You go lady! Keep us posted. Great 1st day!!!

  3. view this as a permanent thing and not a "temporary - going to have to do it again" thing.

    It's a lifestyle.

    keep it up.

  4. It sounds like you're kicking butt today! You don't need to be more interesting or blog more. We like you. :)

    Note: At one point in my blogging, I weighed 20 pounds more than I did when I started blogging. Yikes. It happens. :)

  5. well done on the achiving your goals. i love reading blogs and some of the best ones are random thoughts spilled out on to the page, don't worry about making things intersting we love you for ur blog just the way it is!



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