Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gym visit

I had another great gym visit today. I decided to just work on the treadmill today and then do a little leg work on the weights. I walked for 5 minutes at a 3.5 pace, then I stepped it up for 5 min at a 4.5 pace. I did this off and on for 25 minutes. I then focused on my inner and outer thighs with the weight machines. I did 3 reps of 30 on each machine. I really don't like keeping the boys in the little daycare for too long, I think around 30-45 minutes is enough.

I had a small victory today. I went to go and get my hubby and I some "adult beverages" at the gas station (because today was a long day) and I thought about getting a candy while I was there. In my head I was literally trying to convince myself that I needed chocolate. But, I didn't get it! I said, "Laura, you are making an awesome low calorie meal tonight and you are drinking some calories tonight. You are worth more than a candy bar!" And it worked! I talkd my way out of chocolate!

Here is my low calorie pasta meal I got out of a recipe book my mom gave me a couple years back. I will post the pic and recipe on my next post!

Confession: I had pizza for lunch and didn't mointor my intake very much. We had field day today. A bunch of 12 year olds running around in the heat and me sitting in the heat watching them sucks.

Cheer: Even though I felt super tired today and almost drove past the gym, I still went! I even came home afterwards to make a healthy meal!!


  1. That's great! I really need to find some of that motivaton!

  2. Cheers to you for going straight to the gym even though you wanted to go home. That's how I'm feeling right now so I know what it took to hit the gym. Great job.

    No big deal about the pizza. So you had a little too much. Win some, lose some...

    Guess I should follow your lead and lace up the shoes...
    Take care


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