Monday, June 21, 2010

Self Magazine Words of Wisdom

I decided that I was going to order Self Magazine for myself and I am sooo glad I did! I just got the magazine in the mail yesterday, but since being home from my long weekend I haven't had the time to read it. Let me just say that I didn't even get into the meat of the magazine and I am already inspired.

Just 16 pages in the "Editor's Letter" really made me feel good. Here is what the first paragraph said:

"You are not the number on the scale. You are you, from the inside out. And though your weight, age, hairstyle, job title, and address change, the most important evolution takes place in the parts of you that other's can't see at a glance: your passions and interests, what's most meaningful to you."

Then the last sentence said:

"Think: What and who do I want to be today and next Thursday and a year from now? And don't give it a number-give it a name."

This was from the Editor-in-Chief Lucy Danziger. I agree with what she says and I really need to think about this all of the time. Sometimes it is hard to not worry about the number on the scale, but it is not me. I am me.

Can't wait to read the rest of the magazine!!

Confession: Me and hubby are fighting already since being home....kinda making me over eat a little bit=(

Cheer: I went shopping and got some fruit, salad, and carrot chips for the week! Planning ahead!!


  1. Good for you for doing this ... love the layout. And I love your idea of confession and cheer ... what a good way to share the real journey of losing weight! Best of luck .. I'm on the journey with you!

  2. I love that article! That is something I need to hang on my fridge as a constant reminder. Thanks for sharing it girl! :)


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