Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yep, that's right!! I am doing a post about my boobies!!! LOL

No, really. This is sush an awesome NSV!!!

Ever since I was a young teenager I have had huge boobs. Not just a little big, but huge. When I was twelve I was almost a C cup. Can you just imagine the stares I got from boys??

Well, three years ago my mom and I went to a specialty bra store because I had no idea what my bra size was at that point. I just knew that I couldn't fit into any of the bras at the chain stores like Walmart and  Target. So, when I was there I thought I was a large C cup, but boy was I wrong! I was a 42 DDD. Can you believe that? I was shocked and kinda embarassed that I had been wearing such a small bra and I should have been wearing a DDD!!

So, what is my NSV?? While on my Anniversary trip with my hubby in Dallas we stopped by this large outlet mall. We stopped by a bra store because the bras I have been wearing for the past 3 years were starting to tear and just sag. I had a lady measure me and she asked what bra size I thought I was. I told her I was wearing a 42 DDD. She was shocked! She said that I was now measuring as a 42 D. I totally didn't believe her. I just went and got my DDD and headed to the dressing room. And guess what?? It was way too big in the cup size!! I could fit both boobs in one cup (Not really, but you ge the picture)!! I was so happy I almost started crying!!

I was so happy that I went and tried on some much smaller bras and I felt fantastic. I would like to be a C cup again. It's really hard to find cute tops when you have a large chest. None of the new styles look cute, you just look trashy. So, my running has been paying off and I didn't even realize it!! Woohoo!!!

I am waiting for a phone call tomorrow to see if I have a new teaching job. I hope I get it!! I will let you guys know as soon as I do!!

Confession: I didn't eat so great on my trip=(

Cheer: I went down two cup sizes!!


  1. You certainly caught my attention with the title of this post! LOL

    What a wonderful NSV for you! I know how exciting it can be to find out you're a lot smaller than you thought! Although most of us pray we don't shrink TOO much in the boobies...I can't stand to lose too much up there! ;-)

    I can't wait to hear if you get the job!!! Keep us posted!

  2. I'm stupid, I know. But what is NSV? I hate bra shopping. I haven't found a bra in all my life that I truly enjoy. I wear sports bras only because they don't cut in. I hate the uni-boob though. One day I'll find one but first the weight loss.
    You are doing so good, I am so proud of you. Keep doing what you're doing and please keep sharing.
    Take care and have a great week. God Bless!!!

  3. yup, i was a DDD too. was ecstatic when my boobs went down earlier this year!

  4. Girl! 6th grade was HELL for me.... my last year of elementary school and having C boobs... it made school hell. Oh and I was the ONLY girl with boobs, yes that's right the ONLY ONE. I started wearing hoodies really fast. This torture continued through junior high and high school. So I completely feel your pain! I was a D/DD and just recently went down to a C. Hello I was soooo excited! So I totally feel your excitement in going down sizes. Girls go out and get huge boobs, and I would get rid of mine in an instant. I still struggle with cute tops though, because I am only 4'11 and have huge boobs. So it makes me hate life...lol okay I am done LOL


  5. this is great!! I hope they're still perky...mine aren't :(

  6. Heheh I made a post about butts a long time ago. LOL YEAH on the boobies! :) I need some new bras myself.


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