Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gym visit and freaking out!!

So, I went to the gym today and I realized that July 4th is next weekend!! I have a 5k on July 4th!! I feel like I am not ready, but I know that this race will help me get back in the game. I always get a huge runners high after a race where I think I will become this awesome runner and win tons of medals and be in a running magazine...but then after a week I go back to being me weirdo self and eat everything in sight.

I'm freaking out because at my gym visit today I didn't do to well on the treadmill. I get about .25 into the first mile and already feel like I'm going to die...so instead of pushing onward...I give up and turn the speed back down. Where will I get the motivation to push through my trouble spots? I need to learn how to do it myself and not rely on someone in the race to always take me under their wing.

Take a look at these awesome chicks who are running races this weekend!! Way to go Taking the Scale by storm and  who I like to call The Lettuce Lady!!!

Confession: I really havent eaten much today. I've had 4 hard boiled eggs (yes 4) and a Medium smoothie from Smoothie King. That is not a balanced diet!!

Cheer: I actually got off my big fat butt and went to the gym!!


  1. You're going to do fabulous at your 5k! Girly you are so strong, you look fabulous. You're so ready to rock that 5k, and you'll kick it's butt. One day you'll be in a race magazine... you're too fabulous not to be!! Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you have a Smoothie King! How I miss Smoothie King and lived off it for lunch in college. I hate going to the gym I am all sorts of insecure... everyone in this state is nicole richie skinny... its insane!

    xo enjoy your sunday love!

  2. Heyy girly! So glad you want to guest post! You can email me at

    For guest posting you'll just email me what you wrote along with pictures if you'd like to include them, and then i'll post it on my blog :] . I can give you more details when you email me!

    xo hope you're having a fabulous weekend


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