Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spinning and Swimming

I will first start out with the swimming part. My son had his first swimming lesson today and I think I was more scared about it than he was. I tried my hardest to not let him see the fear I was going through inside me. I want him to like swimming. Now, I like swimming. But I have had a few too many close personal experiences with drowning, and I am fearful of him swimming. I think I have almost drowned three times and they were not the best of experiences. I was actually suprised that he got in the water. I think it's because I was giving him thimbs up signs during the whole thing. When he first got in the ladies arms I almost started crying, but I pulled it together and we finished the lesson. I was a good mommy! I didn't freak out and cause a scene!! LOL

The second part is Spinning. I took a spinning class today for the first time. Proud of me? I am. I almost made it the full 45 minutes, but my baby buzzer went off and I had to go tend to the kiddos. My 10 month old was tired and cranky. Oh well. I had a great time and I am looking forward to going next Tuesday. It was a lot of work and I could feel myself using my leg muscles pretty good. I got a good sweat in. Hopefully I can go the whole 45 minutes next time.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my future sister-in-law for lunch. She doesnt know she is yet, but my brother said he was going to ask by the end of May. It is June....but I promised to keep it a secret. He's killing me! And Thursday I have my first Zumba class. Wish me luck!!

Confession: My eating was not so great today. It started off good, but I was tired and we just ordered out pizza tonight. I even had regular Pepsi with it.

Cheer: I took a class at my gym! I was so nervous, but I did it!!


  1. My 3 year old is starting swimming lessons in 2 weeks! I'm so scared LOL! Great job with the spinning! I've heard zumba is so much fun...good luck with that too!

  2. I absolutely love spinning, awesome job..... confession I dont know how to swim! yikes!

    Also in my floral dress post
    http://www.fashionmeetsfood.com/2010/06/fabulous-florals.html both the blue and pink dress are from forever 21 :]



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