Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The plan...and what actually has been happening...

So, the plan was to workout every day this week in preporation for my race on Sunday....has that happened? NOPE =(

I have been super busy with life in general. I have had birthday parties, helped a friend move, and today I had to take my car into the shop and make invitations for my son's first birthday. This is the crazy life I lead. How glamerous huh?

I do plan on taking time out of my busy schedule tomorrow to go to the gym. My goal is to jog a mile all the way through. I was able to do this once in my lifetime, but lately I have been putting up mind blocks that keep me from reaching that goal. Practice makes progress though!! I have just have to push through those mental blocks and do it.

The food hasen't been the best, but I am trying my hardest. I need to try a little harder though.

Confession: I had McDonalds for lunch today while out on the run. I wanted Subway, but I was not going to lug two kids into the store who were tired and cranky.

Cheer: My hubby bought a gallon of icecream last night because my sister-in-law came over and I haven't had any!!

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