Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Habits return!!

One of my most horrible bad habits have returned.....sunflower seeds!! I know the sodium is just making you cringe right now....but they are so addicting!! I could just sit there all day and suck the salt off of the seends. It is so relaxing to just on the couch and eat sunflower seeds....

But it must stop!! After today!! LOL

I have been super busy cleaning up the house and going to visit other moms with kiddos my age that I haven't gone to the gym like I have wanted to. I guess me being active around the house and at the playgrounds have helped, but nothing feels as good as a great workout at the gym. I think we are going to go today after lunch.

Confession: Sunflower seeds and carrot cake have been my downfall.

Cheer: I am being more active around the house and doing a great summer cleaning!!


  1. Hey! Sorry I've been so neglectful of your site! Every time I'm online I forget to check in on your page, especially because I'm usually online to update the kids' journals. Anyhoo...I know what you mean about the sunflower seeds! The salt sucking is the best part! :) You're also right about being more active around the house -- what a workout that is! (Plus, chasing after 2 kids at the park is huge, too!) I found this article online which actually made me think to come to your site. It may or may not be useful, but here ya go. It's about treadmill running and burning more calories: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/health/how-to-burn-more-calories-on-the-treadmill-1803156/ Sorry if it's a lame article! I know nothing about this stuff!

  2. But sunflower seeds are so good! I like the Dill flavor.

  3. Sunflower seeds are not the worst thing you could be eating lol. As a matter of fact in college I would snack on sunflower seeds when I got hungry and it curbed my hunger and I was able to lose weight which was awesome. I bought some at the store today :]

    xo enjoy your weekend!


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