Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yeah for me!!

So, normally on a cookoff weekend I am not able to move today from all of the crap I ate over the weekend. But not this time!!!

I am soooo proud of myself for not eating a funnel cake, drinking soda, eating potato salad, and drinking alcohol. Yeah for me!! It was hard though. I'm not gonna lie. I wanted to eat the whole gallon of potato salad, but I didn't.

My knees are killing me because I walked around the cookoff all weekend. I know they hurt because of my weight. I am too young to have bad knees. I tried to make an effort and walk around a lot. I didn't meet my goal of walking for thirty minutes straight, but it was raining all weekend and it's hard to do that with kids.

I did win sixth place in beans out of thirty!!

Confession: I am craving CiCi's pizza and all I want to go is eat the whole buffet!!

Cheer: I have not had any soda!!! Yeah for me!!!

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  1. You are better than I am. Good job on now hoarding cookoff food.... thats my favorite. I have stopped drinking, HOWEVER, i was introduced to wine... and i must say... i LOVE IT. I have not been blogging but that you for staying on my butt. Iwill be updating soon. Keep up the good work laura. I know you can do it. And you are right, the weight makes your joints hurt and its easier to hurt them permanetly. I love you and never forget that!!


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