Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little Hicup

So, I thought yesterday was a good day. I woke up early again and decided to dust off my Biggest Loser Workout 2 video and give it a try. I have always heard that working out in the morning can change the rest of your day and I think they are right. Lately, I have been in a better mood at work and towards my family members. I have more energy and I have even been going to bed earlier. Last night I stayed up to watch the Rockets win though. Yeah!!

Now...here were my problems yesterday. Not every day can be perfect. Especially when it comes to weightloss. I had a bag of skittles. Now my thinking is that yes it is sugar, but it wasn't chocolate. So...do I count it as eating sugar?? I am trying to do away with chocolate, not forever because that is crazy talk, but at least for a few weeks.

I really liked the confession and cheer thing I did on my second post because it makes me take one step back and two steps forward, so I think Im going to end all of my posts that way.

Confession: I had a bag of skittles and it was yummy...and I am addicted to sunflower seeds. I can go through a whole BIG bag in a day. Yesterday we bought some at Walmart and I sat on the couch and ate some. I know you are cringing thinking about the sodium content. I am too (as the bag sits next to me on the desk calling out my name to munch on a few).

Cheer: You can be happy to know that right now I am not munching on sunflower seeds. I am eating an orange. They were 40 cents at Walmart yesterday, so our whole trip to there was not a failure. Also, I still went a whole day with only one 8 oz Dr. Pepper. It was yummy too. I almost slipped after school when I saw a teachers kid with a coke in the hallway, but thank God I didn't have any change in my purse. So, yeah me!

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