Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good day for weightloss. I was not tempted to drink anything but water, and I didn't have any sweets! I am so proud!!

We had a Rodeo Committee meeting last night and I was sooo proud. I turned down the free alcohol, the potato salad, and the brownie!! I even think Donald was a little shocked about the brownie thing. It was hard, but I didn't want something like that ruin my good day. He even got me a coke to drink and I asked him to go back and get me a bottle of water and I gave the coke to the kid.

It wasn't easy yesterday, but I made it. I realized that I kept myself busy and didn't have the time to think about all the foods I can't or shouldn't eat.

And Lachlan, I am not trying to starve myself on purpose. I just have not been planning my snacks good enough. Also, we were in Physics II together. Do you not remember me starring at Glebe with a blank look on my face? LOL

Confession: There is an uneaten Cadberry Egg in the desk drawer of my desk at home. It is calling my name right now, but I will not falter. Uneaten is the key word here. I bought it before I went on the diet and was going to save it for later.

Cheer: No cokes and no sweets!! Yeah!!!

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