Friday, January 22, 2010


Why does your stomach have control over your mind? I am telling it you don't need pizza, but my stomach just doesn't listen!

Why after having a great day of feeling good about myself, do I sabatoge myself and go eat CiCi's pizza? I wanted to go see my friend Allison and her family and our place to meet has always been CiCi's pizza, but I shouldn't go there because it is a buffet!

I must say that even though we went there, I actually kept myself in check. When I used to go I could eat like 30 pieces of pizza. Last night I think I had 6 small pieces. And I didn't go back for dessert! My favorite thing there is the brownies, but I stood my ground and didn't give in. No sweets for two weeks! I did have a diet coke because I don't like water that comes form one of those machines. I know what you are thinking, Diet Coke after eating all of that pizza, why not go all out? Well, I was afraid that if I had Dr. Pepper, I would go at it like a crazy lady. I didn't go back for a second fill up of drink, so that is good.

I'm staying on track. I did a workout video this morning before I got on the computer to try an work off th guilt from last night. It took all of my energy to get out of bed to do it, but I did!

Confession: The pizza tasted really good!
Cheer: I did not have the tempting brownie and I haven't had any sunflower seeds in three days!

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