Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Steps Back, a Giant Leap Forward

Yesterday was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day!!

I woke up in a bad mood and all day that is how it stayed. I was so upset that I let my mind control my body and I ate crap all day long. My two steps back is that I ate fast food not once, but twice yesterday and one time was at 9:00 last night!! I know, gasp in horror.

My one giant leap forward though is that I didn't let it ruin everything I am going for. Last night I went to my On Demand channels and found a whole fitness section! I was getting bored of my old workout videos and was upset that I didnt have the money to go out and buy new ones! Here they are!!

This was one of my favorites. I did it this morning. Kicked my booty!!
I feel fantastic!!!
So, now I need to go take some asrin because my body is calling out, "I hurt!! But thanks!!" I would recommend this workout video to anyone.
Confession: I lost sight of my goals for a day and ate crap.
Cheer: I didn't let it take over for good. I worked out in front of my hubby!!

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  1. you should try netflix. Dont buy until you try. I love it. they have all of the workout stuff you can imagine.. then you can try it out and decide if you want to buy it.


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