Saturday, January 16, 2010

The solution

After all these years of trying new fad diets and diet pills, yesterday I have found the soultion to all of my problems. It is called: The Mayo Clinic Diet.

Now, I know what you are thinking, its just another fad diet. But I think that they titles it wrong. It should just be called Common Sense.

The premise of this diet plan is to adopt 5 healthy habits and break 5 bad habit when it comes to food and excercise. Sounds easy right? Wel, one of the habits is no sugar unless it is found in fruit. Hmmmm...

I thought I would try and give it ago and already my outlook is better on this whole losing weight thing! Let's see how far I can go on this diet and see if I can follow the habits. They say you can lose like 10 pounds in 2 weeks, just by doing these habits.

Confession: Yesterday I had two bags of m&m's (before I read the book). Plus, I also skipped breakfast (a big no no).

Cheer: I did not have my mini Dr. Pepper. I gave it away. After reading the book I didn't want it anymore. Plus, at the cookoff last night, I didn't have any alcohol. Because alcohol is sugar, and the book says no sugar=) I was so proud of myself for not even having a Dr. Pepper at the cookoff!!


  1. I really like that you're keeping this so real. I struggle with the mental aspect of losing weight more than anything. The selfish part of me that wants whatever junk I want and doesn't care the results, well, that's been out of control lately. We have to get our minds in control, and it looks like you're heading in the right direction!

  2. Losing ten pounds of fat in two weeks is physically impossible. Each pound of fat contains 3500 Calories of potential energy. So you'd have to use up 35,000 Calories in fourteen days, which equates to 2500 per day. In order to lose that kind of weight you'd have to do 1.25 times as much exercise as the average person (which I guess you probably do, having a baby and teaching elementary school) while eating absolutely nothing. So the book is lying, or at the very least being misleading, since much of the weight loss it proposes is likely water weight rather than fat.

    That said, I looked at their ten habits, and they sound like good advice generally. :)

  3. Laura, the sugar thing is completely right! So I am very proud that you are getting it out of your life! Not drinking sodas or having anything with sugar in it will totally help you. Just be careful not to switch to sugar substitutes. Those are far more dangerous for your body than any natural or refined sugar. If you have to have something sweet try using honey. My sister in law makes a bad ass cookie and cookie cake that is totally organic and uses honey and it tastes freaking bad for you but its not =) I find that when I'm having a soda or chocolate craving that drinking hot tea with honey kills the craving. Keep up the good work!


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